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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.4.0:

  • Localization updates (Issue #3223, Issue #3246, Issue #3248, Issue #3250)
  • Documentation updates (Issue #3225, Issue #3230, Issue #3242, Issue #3260)
  • The --with-pdftops configure option did not accept a full path to the filter (Issue #3278)
  • The banner filter did not position the back side image correctly (Issue #3277)
  • The dnssd backend could crash (Issue #3272)
  • The 1284 device ID sometimes contained trailing garbage (Issue #3266)
  • The USB backend returned different URIs for some printers than in CUPS 1.3 (Issue #3259)
  • The scheduler did not do local job-hold-until processing for remote queues (Issue #3258)
  • The scheduler did not try all possible SSL certificates on Mac OS X.
  • The scheduler did not always remove a file descriptor when using the kqueue interface (Issue #3256)
  • The scheduler did not protect against bad job control files in all cases (Issue #3253)
  • The scheduler did not encode "+" in model names (Issue #3254)
  • The web interface didn't show the default options (Issue #3244)
  • The IPP and LPD backends needed print data before they would do an SNMP query.
  • Fixed a GNU TLS compatibility issue (Issue #3231)
  • Fixed a HTML error in the add and modify printer web interface templates (Issue #3229)
  • The scheduler did not minimize the number of printer state events that were generated by filter STATE: messages, which could lead to poor performance.
  • The USB backend on Mac OS X did not cleanly cancel a job.
  • The network backends now set the connecting-to-device printer-state- reasons value when looking up the address and copying the print data for consistency.
  • The scheduler now supports the reason on all platforms.

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