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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.3rc1:

  • Updated the German localization (Issue #2443)
  • cupsAdminGetServerSettings() did not handle properly.
  • When lprm and cancel are run with no job ID, they now will cancel the first stopped job if no pending or processing jobs are left in the queue.
  • The scheduler now logs successful print jobs, filter failures, and the job file types at the default log level (Issue #2458)
  • The scheduler now logs the usernames it is using for authorization at LogLevel debug instead of debug2 (Issue #2448)
  • Added Intellitech Intellibar and Zebra CPCL PPDs to the list of installed PPDs.
  • Added 6" and 8" wide label sizes for the Zebra ZPL Label Printer driver (Issue #2442)
  • The cupsaddsmb program and web interface now support exporting of 64-bit Windows drivers, when available (Issue #2439)
  • Moving a job that was printing did not stop the job on the original printer (Issue #2262)
  • The cups-lpd mini-daemon did not work on Mac OS X server.
  • Added httpGetAuthString() and httpSetAuthString() APIs to get and set the current (cached) authorization string to use for HTTP requests.
  • Updated the default cupsd.conf policy to list the "administrative" operations separately from the "printer control" operations so that it is easier to define a group of users that are "printer operators".
  • The web interface now pulls the default cupsd.conf file from cupsd.conf.default in the CUPS config directory.
  • Added a help file for using Kerberos with CUPS.
  • The scheduler now strips the "@kdc" portion of Kerberos usernames since those usernames typically do not appear in the group membership lists used by CUPS.
  • cupsMarkOptions() could (incorrectly) leave multiple option choices marked.
  • Backends could (incorrectly) run as root during discovery (Issue #2454)
  • Avahi is now supported for DNS-SD (Bonjour) printer sharing (Issue #2455)
  • The default cupsd.conf file had typos and old operation names (Issue #2450)
  • The scheduler now erases authentication cache files using the 7-pass US DoD algorithm.
  • Delegated Kerberos credentials (proxy authentication) did not work.
  • The filter makefile did not optimize the libcupsimage.2.dylib with a sectorder file.
  • The IPP backend incorrectly wrote an empty printer message when processing the "none" state reason.
  • The USB backend could deadlock on Mac OS X while performing a side-channel command.
  • The scheduler did not prevent remote queues from being shared/published.
  • The scheduler did not remove the temporary request file on authentication errors.
  • ppdLocalizeIPPReason() did not handle "scheme:" schemes or "file" URLs.
  • ppdLocalizeIPPReason() was not exported on Mac OS X.

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