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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.3.9:

  • SECURITY: The HP-GL/2 filter did not range check pen numbers (Issue #2911)
  • SECURITY: The SGI image file reader did not range check 16-bit run lengths (Issue #2918)
  • SECURITY: The text filter did not range check cpi, lpi, or column values (Issue #2919)
  • Documentation updates (Issue #2904, Issue #2944)
  • The French web admin page was never updated (Issue #2963)
  • The IPP backend did not retry print jobs when the printer reported itself as busy or unavailable (Issue #2951)
  • The "Set Allowed Users" web interface did not handle trailing whitespace correctly (Issue #2956)
  • The PostScript filter did not work with Adobe applications using custom page sizes (Issue #2968)
  • The Mac OS X USB backend did not work with some printers that reported a bad 1284 device ID.
  • The scheduler incorrectly resolved the client connection address when HostNameLookups was set to Off (Issue #2946)
  • The IPP backend incorrectly stopped the local queue if the remote server reported the "paused" state.
  • The cupsGetDests() function did not catch all types of request errors.
  • The scheduler did not always log "job queued" messages (Issue #2943)
  • The scheduler did not support destination filtering using the printer-location attribute properly (Issue #2945)
  • The scheduler did not send the server-started, server-restarted, or server-stopped events (Issue #2927)
  • The scheduler no longer enforces configuration file permissions on symlinked files (Issue #2937)
  • CUPS now reinitializes the DNS resolver on failures (Issue #2920)
  • The CUPS desktop menu item was broken (Issue #2924)
  • The PPD parser was too strict about missing keyword values in "relaxed" mode.
  • The PostScript filter incorrectly mirrored landscape documents.
  • The scheduler did not correctly update the auth-info-required value(s) if the AuthType was Default.
  • The scheduler required Kerberos authentication for all operations on remote Kerberized printers instead of just for the operations that needed it.
  • The socket backend could wait indefinitely for back- channel data with some devices.
  • PJL panel messages were not reset correctly on older printers (Issue #2909)
  • cupsfilter used the wrong default path (Issue #2908)
  • Fixed address matching for "BrowseAddress @if(name)" (Issue #2910)
  • Fixed compiles on AIX.
  • Firefox 3 did not work with the CUPS web interface in SSL mode (Issue #2892)
  • Custom options with multiple parameters were not emitted correctly.
  • Refined the cupstestppd utility.
  • ppdEmit*() did not support custom JCL options (Issue #2889)
  • The cupstestppd utility incorrectly reported missing "en" base translations (Issue #2887)

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