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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.3.8:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #2785, Issue #2861, Issue #2862)
  • The scheduler did not add the ending job sheet when the job was released.
  • The IPP backend did not relay marker-* attributes.
  • The CUPS GNOME/KDE menu item was not localized for Chinese (Issue #2880)
  • The CUPS GNOME/KDE menu item was not localized for Japanese (Issue #2876)
  • The cupstestppd utility reported mixed line endings for Mac OS and Windows PPD files (Issue #2874)
  • The pdftops filter did not print landscape orientation PDF pages correctly on all printers (Issue #2850)
  • The scheduler did not handle expiring of implicit classes or their members properly, leading to a configuration where one of the members would have a short name (Issue #2766)
  • The scheduler and cupstestppd utilities did not support cupsFilter and cupsPreFilter programs with spaces in their names (Issue #2866)
  • Removed unused variables and assignments found by the LLVM "clang" tool.
  • Added NULL checks recommended by the LLVM "clang" tool.
  • The scheduler would crash if you started a printer that pointed to a backend that did not exist (Issue #2865)
  • The ppdLocalize functions incorrectly mapped all generic locales to country-specific locales.
  • The cups-driverd program did not support Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese language version strings (Issue #2851)
  • Added an Indonesian translation (Issue #2792)
  • Fixed a timing issue in the backends that could cause data corruption with the CUPS_SC_CMD_DRAIN_OUTPUT side-channel command (Issue #2858)
  • The scheduler did not support "HostNameLookups" with all of the boolean names (Issue #2861)
  • Fixed a compile problem with glibc 2.8 (Issue #2860)
  • The scheduler incorrectly filtered out queues with ACLs and authentication.
  • The PostScript filter did not support %%IncludeFeature lines in the page setup section of each page (Issue #2831)
  • The scheduler did not generate printer-state events when the default printer was changed (Issue #2764)
  • cupstestppd incorrectly reported a warning about the PPD format version in some locales (Issue #2854)
  • cupsGetPPD() and friends incorrectly returned a PPD file for a class with no printers.
  • The member-uris values for local printers in a class returned by the scheduler did not reflect the connected hostname or port.
  • The CUPS PHP extension was not thread-safe (Issue #2828)
  • The scheduler incorrectly added the document-format-default attribute to the list of "common" printer attributes, which over time would slow down the printing system (Issue #2755, Issue #2836)
  • The cups-deviced and cups-driverd helper programs did not set the CFProcessPath environment variable on Mac OS X (Issue #2837)
  • "lpstat -p" could report the wrong job as printing (Issue #2845)
  • The scheduler would crash when some cupsd.conf directives were missing values (Issue #2849)
  • The web interface "move jobs" operation redirected users to the wrong URL (Issue #2815)
  • The Polish web interface translation contained errors (Issue #2815)
  • The scheduler did not report PostScript printer PPDs with filters as PostScript devices.
  • The scheduler did not set the job document-format attribute for jobs submitted using Create-Job and Send-Document.
  • cupsFileTell() did not work for log files opened in append mode (Issue #2810)
  • The scheduler did not set QUERY_STRING all of the time for CGI scripts (Issue #2781, Issue #2816)
  • The scheduler now returns an error for bad job-sheets values (Issue #2775)
  • Authenticated remote printing did not work over domain sockets (Issue #2750)
  • The scheduler incorrectly logged errors for print filters when a job was canceled (Issue #2806, #2808)
  • The scheduler no longer allows multiple RSS subscriptions with the same URI (Issue #2789)
  • The scheduler now supports Kerberized printing with multiple server names (Issue #2783)
  • "Satisfy any" did not work in IPP policies (Issue #2782)
  • The CUPS imaging library would crash with very large images - more than 16Mx16M pixels (Issue #2805)
  • The PNG image loading code would crash with large images (Issue #2790)
  • The scheduler did not limit the total number of filters.
  • The scheduler now ensures that the RSS directory has the correct permissions.
  • The RSS notifier did not quote the feed URL in the RSS file it created (Issue #2801)
  • The web interface allowed the creation and cancellation of RSS subscriptions without a username (Issue #2774)
  • Increased the default MaxCopies value on Mac OS X to 9999 to match the limit imposed by the print dialog.
  • The scheduler did not reject requests with an empty Content-Length field (Issue #2787)
  • The scheduler did not log the current date and time and did not escape special characters in request URIs when logging bad requests to the access_log file (Issue #2788)

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