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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.3.7:

  • CVE-2008-0047: cgiCompileSearch buffer overflow (Issue #2729)
  • CVE-2008-1373: CUPS GIF image filter overflow (Issue #2765)
  • Updated the "make check" tests to do a more thorough automated test.
  • cups-driverd complained about missing directories (Issue #2777)
  • cupsaddsmb would leave the Samba username and password on disk if no Windows drivers were installed (Issue #2779)
  • The Linux USB backend used 100% CPU when a printer was disconnected (Issue #2769)
  • The sample raster drivers did not properly handle SIGTERM (Issue #2770)
  • The scheduler sent notify_post() messages too often on Mac OS X.
  • Kerberos access to the web interface did not work (Issue #2748)
  • The scheduler did not support "AuthType Default" in IPP policies (Issue #2749)
  • The scheduler did not support the "HideImplicitMembers" directive as documented (Issue #2760)
  • "make check" didn't return a non-zero exit code on error (Issue #2758)
  • The scheduler incorrectly logged AUTH_foo environment variables in debug mode (Issue #2751)
  • The image filters inverted PBM files (Issue #2746)
  • cupsctl would crash if the scheduler was not running (Issue #2741)
  • The scheduler could crash when printing using a port monitor (Issue #2742)
  • The scheduler would crash if PAM was broken (Issue #2734)
  • The image filters did not work with some CMYK JPEG files produced by Adobe applications (Issue #2727)
  • The Mac OS X USB backend did not work with printers that did not report a make or model.
  • The job-sheets option was not encoded properly (Issue #2715)
  • The scheduler incorrectly complained about missing LSB PPD directories.

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