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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.3.6:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #2646, Issue #2647, Issue #2649)
  • Fixed a problem with the web interface "Use Kerberos Authentication" check box (Issue #2703)
  • The scheduler unconditionally overwrote the printer-state- message with "process-name failed" when a filter or backend failed, preventing a useful error message from being shown to the user.
  • Policies on CUPS-Move-Job didn't work as expected (Issue #2699)
  • The configure script only supported D-BUS on Linux (Issue #2702)
  • The scheduler did not support (Issue #2701)
  • The scheduler did not reset the job-hold-until attribute after a job's hold time was reached.
  • The scheduler did not support printer supply attributes (Issue #1307)
  • The Kerberos credentials provided by some Windows KDCs were still too large - now use a dynamic buffer to support credentials up to 64k in size (Issue #2695)
  • Printing a test page from the web interface incorrectly defaulted to the "guest" user (Issue #2688)
  • The cupsEncodeOptions2() function did not parse multiple- value attribute values properly (Issue #2690)
  • The scheduler incorrectly sent printer-stopped events for status updates from the print filters (Issue #2680)
  • The IPP backend could crash when handling printer errors (Issue #2667)
  • Multi-file jobs did not print to remote CUPS servers (Issue #2673)
  • The scheduler did not provide the Apple language ID to job filters.
  • Kerberos authentication did not work with the web interface (Issue #2606, Issue #2669)
  • The requesing-user-name-allowed and -denied functionality did not work for Kerberos-authenticated usernames (Issue #2670)
  • CUPS didn't compile on HP-UX 11i (Issue #2679)
  • cupsEncodeOptions2() did not handle option values like "What's up, doc?" properly.
  • Added lots of memory allocation checks (Fortify)
  • The scheduler would crash if it was unable to add a job file (Fortify)
  • ppdOpen*() did not check all memory allocations (Coverity)
  • ippReadIO() did not check all memory allocations (Coverity)
  • The PostScript filter did not detect read errors (Coverity)
  • The scheduler did not check for a missing job-sheets-completed attribute when sending an event notification (Coverity)
  • "Set Printer Options" might not work with raw queues (Coverity)
  • cupsRasterInterpretPPD() could crash on certain PostScript errors (Coverity)
  • The USB backend did not check for back-channel support properly on all systems (Coverity)
  • Fixed memory leaks in the GIF and PNM image loading code (Coverity)
  • Removed some dead code in the CUPS API and scheduler (Coverity)
  • Fixed two overflow bugs in the HP-GL/2 filter (Coverity)
  • Fixed another ASN1 string parsing bug (Issue #2665)
  • The RSS notifier directory was not installed with the correct permissions.
  • The standard CUPS backends could use 100% CPU while waiting for print data (Issue #2664)
  • Filename-based MIME rules did not work (Issue #2659)
  • The cups-polld program did not exit if the scheduler crashed (Issue #2640)
  • The scheduler would crash if you tried to set the port-monitor on a raw queue (Issue #2639)
  • The scheduler could crash if a polled remote printer was converted to a class (Issue #2656)
  • The web interface and cupsctl did not correctly reflect the "allow printing from the Internet" state (Issue #2650)
  • The scheduler incorrectly treated MIME types as case- sensitive (Issue #2657)
  • The Java support classes did not send UTF-8 strings to the scheduler (Issue #2651)
  • The CGI code did not handle interrupted POST requests properly (Issue #2652)
  • The PostScript filter incorrectly handled number-up when the number of pages was evenly divisible by the number-up value.
  • The PDF filter incorrectly filtered pages when page-ranges and number-up were both specified (Issue #2643)
  • The IPP backend did not handle printing of pictwps files to a non-Mac CUPS server properly.
  • The scheduler did not detect network interface changes on operating systems other than Mac OS X (Issue #2631)
  • The scheduler now logs the UNIX error message when it is unable to create a request file such as a print job.
  • Added support for --enable-pie on Mac OS X.

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