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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.3.5:

  • The SNMP backend did not check for negative string lengths (Issue #2589)
  • The scheduler incorrectly removed auth-info attributes, potentially leading to a loss of all options for a job.
  • The scheduler stopped sending CUPS browse packets on a restart when using fixed addresses (Issue #2618)
  • Fixed PDF filter security issues (CVE-2007-4352 CVE-2007-5392 CVE-2007-5393)
  • Changing settings would always change the DefaultAuthType and Allow lines (Issue #2580)
  • The scheduler would crash when submitting an undefined format file from Samba with LogLevel debug2 (Issue #2600)
  • The scheduler did not use poll() when epoll() was not supported by the running kernel (Issue #2582)
  • Fixed a compile problem with Heimdal Kerberos (Issue #2592)
  • The USB backend now retries connections to a printer indefinitely rather than stopping the queue.
  • Printers with untranslated JCL options were not exported to Samba correctly (Issue #2570)
  • The USB backend did not work with some Minolta USB printers (Issue #2604)
  • The strcasecmp() emulation code did not compile (Issue #2612)
  • The scheduler would crash if a job was sent to an empty class (Issue #2605)
  • The lpc command did not work in non-UTF-8 locales (Issue #2595)
  • Subscriptions for printer-stopped events also received other state changes (Issue #2572)
  • cupstestppd incorrectly reported translation errors for the "en" locale.
  • ppdOpen() did not handle custom options properly when the Custom attribute appeared before the OpenUI for that option.
  • The scheduler could crash when deleting a printer or listing old jobs.
  • The Mac OS X USB backend did not allow for requeuing of jobs submitted to a class.
  • lpmove didn't accept a job ID by itself.
  • The scheduler incorrectly removed job history information for remote print jobs.
  • The scheduler incorrectly sent the "" message for printer state changes.
  • The PostScript filter drew the page borders (when enabled) outside the imageable area.
  • The LPD and IPP backends did not default to the correct port numbers when using alternate scheme names.
  • The scheduler incorrectly deleted hardwired remote printers on system sleep.
  • The scheduler would abort if a bad browse protocol name was listed in the cupsd.conf file.
  • The online cupsd.conf help file incorrectly showed "dns-sd" instead of "dnssd" for Bonjour sharing.
  • The scheduler could crash changing the port-monitor value.
  • The scheduler generated CoreFoundation errors when run as a background process.
  • When printing with number-up > 1, it was possible to get an extra blank page.

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