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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.3.4:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #2560, Issue #2563, Issue #2569)
  • CUPS now maps the "nb" locale to "no" on all platforms (Issue #2575)
  • CUPS did not work with a Windows 2003 R2 KDC (Issue #2568)
  • ippReadIO() could read past the end of a buffer (Issue #2561)
  • The scheduler would crash on shutdown if it was unable to create a Kerberos context.
  • Multiple AuthTypes in cupsd.conf did not work (Issue #2545)
  • The snmp.conf file referenced the wrong man page (Issue #2564)
  • The cupsaddsmb program didn't handle domain sockets properly (Issue #2556)
  • The scheduler now validates device URIs when adding printers.
  • Updated httpSeparateURI() to support hostnames with the backslash character.
  • Updated the Japanese localization (Issue #2546)
  • The parallel backend now gets the current IEEE-1284 device ID string on Linux (Issue #2553)
  • The IPP backend now checks the job status at variable intervals (from 1 to 10 seconds) instead of every 10 seconds for faster remote printing (Issue #2548)
  • "lpr -p" and "lpr -l" did not work (Issue #2544)
  • Compilation failed when a previous version of CUPS was installed and was included in the SSL include path (Issue #2538)
  • The scheduler did not reject requests with charsets other than US-ASCII or UTF-8, and the CUPS API incorrectly passed the locale charset to the scheduler instead of UTF-8 (Issue #2537)
  • cups-deviced did not filter out duplicate devices.
  • The AppleTalk backend incorrectly added a scheme listing when AppleTalk was disabled or no printers were found.
  • The PostScript filter generated N^2 copies when the printer supported collated copies and user requested reverse-order output.
  • The scheduler did not reprint all of the files in a job that was held.
  • The scheduler did not update the printcap file after removing stale remote queues.
  • The cupsd.conf man page incorrectly referenced "AuthType Kerberos" instead of "AuthType Negotiate".

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