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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.3.11:

  • The scheduler did not prevent nested classes (Issue #3211)
  • The scheduler did not reprint processing jobs that were moved to another destination (Issue #3222)
  • The scheduler did not reset the current job file when stopping a printer (Issue #3226)
  • The scheduler did not handle POSTs to custom CGIs properly (Issue #3221)
  • The pdftops filter did not print landscape PDF pages properly (Issue #2881)
  • The scheduler did not handle partial header lines properly from CGI programs (Issue #3194)
  • The web interface could hang on OpenBSD (Issue #3176, Issue #3196)
  • The scheduler and cupsfilter utility did not handle rules starting with a negation operator properly (Issue #3160)
  • The scheduler and cupsfilter utility would crash with certain MIME .types rules (Issue #3159)
  • httpSetField wasn't bracketing IPv6 numeric addresses for the Host: field (Issue #3164)
  • The ServerName, if specified, was not treated as a valid alias for the local system (Issue #3167)
  • "make epm" did not work (Issue #3166)
  • "lpstat -h server" showed non-shared printers (Issue #3147)
  • "make check" did not work on Linux (Issue #3161)

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