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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.3.10:

  • Documentation fixes (Issue #2994, Issue #2995, Issue #3008, Issue #3056, Issue #3057)
  • SECURITY: The scheduler now protects against DNS rebinding attacks (Issue #3118)
  • SECURITY: Fixed TIFF integer overflow in image filters (Issue #3031)
  • The scheduler did not support the job-hold-until attribute with the Restart-Job operation (Issue #3130)
  • SECURITY: The PNG image reading code did not validate the image size properly, leading to a potential buffer overflow (Issue #2974)
  • The rastertohp driver did not set the 1-sided printing mode when needed (Issue #3131)
  • Now use a wrapper program instead of our fork of the Xpdf code to support printing of PDF files. The new wrapper supports using Xpdf, poppler, or Ghostscript to convert PDF files to PostScript (Issue #3129)
  • Long job names caused problems with some PJL printers (Issue #3125)
  • The lpq command did not work when showing all destinations (Issue #3117)
  • The scheduler used a codeset name of UTF8 which is not supported on Solaris (Issue #3113)
  • cupsGetJobs() did not work with a NULL destination (Issue #3107)
  • Fixed a localization problem for option choices (incorrectly) named "Custom" (Issue #3106)
  • The fallback OpenSSL random number seeding would not work (Issue #3079)
  • The scheduler might miss a child signal, causing high CPU usage.
  • The scheduler did not enforce quotas after the job history was unloaded (Issue #3078)
  • The job-k-limit, job-page-limit, and job-quota-period attributes could not be set using the lpadmin command (Issue #3077)
  • httpSeparateURI() did not error out on URIs with a missing port number after a colon.
  • Fixed a Valgrind-detected initialization error when creating a missing directory on startup.
  • The scheduler did not always read all of the HTTP headers from a CGI script/program.
  • The scheduler did not always set the "air" property in Bonjour/DNS-SD registrations.
  • The scheduler incorrectly compared Mac OS X UUIDs for access control, preventing access in certain configurations.
  • The IPP backend incorrectly reset the required authentication to Kerberos when authentication failed.
  • The scheduler no longer looks up the local hostname by default; turn on hostname lookups to restore the previous behavior.
  • The scheduler did not always load MIME type rules correctly (Issue #3059)
  • The test page did not format correctly on A4 paper (Issue #3060)
  • The web interface sometimes incorrectly redirected users to (Issue #3022)
  • cupsPrintFile*() did not send the document filename for single file submissions (Issue #3055)
  • The scheduler did not update the member-names attribute when removing the last printer from a class.
  • The scheduler did not report PPD Products with parenthesis in them properly (Issue #3046)
  • The wrong italic fonts were listed in the UTF-8 charset file for the text filter.
  • The backends did not return an OK status for the CUPS_SC_CMD_GET_BIDI side-channel command (Issue #3029)
  • The scheduler did not purge jobs that were missing a time-at-creation attribute, indicating a bad job control file (Issue #3030)
  • The "-o job-hold-until=week-end" option did not work properly (Issue #3025)
  • The Solaris USB printer device does not support select or poll (Issue #3028)
  • The scheduler would crash if you exceeded the MaxSubscriptions limit.
  • The lp "-H immediate" option did not specify that the job should not be held (Issue #3013)
  • The scheduler did not support the "Connection: close" HTTP header (Issue #3010)
  • The mailto notifier didn't terminate messages properly (Issue #3011)
  • Backends could spin trying to read back-channel data (Issue #3001)
  • The HP-GL/2 filter was using the wrong default colors (Issue #2966)
  • The scheduler incorrectly allowed Get-Jobs operations without a printer-uri (Issue #2996)
  • The compression option was not being encoded properly (Issue #2997)
  • Added a missing character map for JIS-X0213/ShiftJIS.
  • The scheduler now rejects ATTR: messages with empty values.
  • The scheduler could consume all CPU handling closed connections (Issue #2988)
  • Fixed some configure script bugs with rc/xinetd directories (Issue #2970)
  • The Epson sample driver PPDs contained errors (Issue #2979)

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