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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2rc3:

  • The cups-lpd program always did reverse lookups on the client address, which could be a performance problem. Added a "-n" option to disable lookups.
  • When configured with SSL support, require encryption by default when displaying the /admin location (Issue #1592)
  • The next job ID was not computed correctly if the job cache file got out of sync with the spool directory (Issue #1582)
  • The PNG image handling code used deprecated functions from libpng (Issue #1587)
  • Added a Polish translation (Issue #1584, Issue #1586)
  • More changes to the scheduler to improve battery life on portable devices (Issue #1583)
  • Changed the default log level for status messages back to "DEBUG" to be consistent with CUPS 1.1.x (Issue #1579)
  • The error string was not set properly when cupsDoFileRequest() was given the name of a directory (Issue #1578)
  • Fixed handling of job-hold-until (Issue #1581)
  • Added explicit notes to the cupsaddsmb man page explaining that the driver filenames are case-sensitive under UNIX and that they must be all lowercase (Windows 2000) or all UPPERCASE (Windows 95/98/Me) to work (Issue #1568)
  • The USB backend incorrectly split the manufacturer name if it contained spaces (Issue #1566)
  • The scheduler would hang when listing PPD files for a manufacturer whose name contained spaces (Issue #1567)
  • Added the SNMP backend for network printer discovery (Issue #1555)
  • cupstestppd now fails PPD files with 1284DeviceId instead of 1284DeviceID, and cups-driverd uses a case-insensitive comparison when looking for it (Issue #1573)
  • cupsDoFileRequest() and cupsDoRequest() now work properly with non-blocking HTTP connections.
  • Added Swedish translation (Issue #1569)
  • "make install" now installs the MIME files with world read permissions (Issue #1565)
  • More CDSA encryption support fixes (Issue #1563)
  • Updated the default mime.types file to support printing of files that do not have a locally-recognized MIME media type to raw or System V queues.
  • Updated the serial port detection code on Linux (Issue #1562)
  • Added some more error checking to httpGetHostname() (Issue #1561)
  • The title of some administration pages was not localized (Issue #1548)
  • The edit-config.tmpl file was not generated or installed for the Spanish or Japanese localizations (Issue #1547)
  • The mimeDelete() function freed the types before the filters, but the filters needed the type data (Issue #1558)
  • The scheduler didn't keep track of the status pipes properly, leading to a bad select() for multi-file jobs (Issue #1559)
  • The cupstestdsc program didn't validate the ordinal page number value for %%Page: comments.

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