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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2rc2:

  • The scheduler was not always using the string pool, causing random crashes.
  • The lpmove and the web interface's Move Job button did not work with stopped jobs (Issue #1534)
  • The PostScript filter did not handle the page-set option properly with number-up printing (Issue #1543)
  • The scheduler now only warns about unsupported ACLs once (Issue #1532)
  • The "fitplot" option did not work with output from Mozilla (Issue #1542)
  • The imagetops filter did not work with Level 2 or 3 printers (Issue #1533)
  • The scheduler now recognizes PostScript files with PJL commands that do not include an ENTER LANGUAGE command.
  • Added --with-printcap configure option.
  • 64-bit SSL fixes for MacOS X.
  • The scheduler didn't send some printer state change events.
  • The scheduler didn't send jobs to busy remote printers.
  • Fixed some problems with the launchd support.
  • Added new USB printer backend for MacOS X.
  • The PostScript filter now handles files that start with an incomplete PJL header (PR #6076)
  • The web interface language selection code did not try the generic language localization (Issue #1531)
  • The language cache, string pool, and transcoding caches are now process global instead of per-thread to avoid problems with GNOME and to allow for data sharing between threads (Issue #1530)
  • Fixed a CUPS 1.1.x compatibility bug (Issue #1528)
  • The web interface redirection after certain printer administration tasks was broken (Issue #1516)
  • Web interface authorization could get stuck (Issue #1512)
  • Localization updates (Issue #1513, Issue #1518, Issue #1520)
  • The pstops filter didn't work with some files (Issue #1523)
  • "./configure --enable-static" didn't work (Issue #1522)
  • The scheduler was not using the configured default Group (Issue #1521)
  • The web interface still did not show the localized time and date for some locales and systems (Issue #1509)
  • httpAddrGetList() would crash on systems without getaddrinfo().
  • Socket URIs without a trailing slash would cause the port number to not be accepted (Issue #1519)
  • Local raw and System V printers were not advertised as such for printer browsing (Issue #1502)
  • The RPM spec file incorrectly put duplicate copies of the Japanese and Spanish web interface templates in the main cups package (Issue #1517)
  • cupsSetDests() did not explicitly set the permissions of the /etc/cups/lpoptions file (Issue #1508)
  • The lpq command crashed with the -h option (Issue #1515)

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