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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2rc1:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #1497, Issue #1498)
  • The scheduler now redirects browsers to https: URLs when encryption is required.
  • The scheduler would crash when printing with a banner (Issue #1500)
  • cups-driverd did not use the LanguageEncoding attribute in PPD files to convert the NickName to UTF-8 (Issue #1503)
  • The lpadmin command could not set the printer-error-policy attribute (Issue #1504)
  • The web interface did not show the time and date in the correct format for the locale (Issue #1505)
  • CUPS no longer accepts print jobs if a printer does not support the file format (Issue #1501)
  • Cleaned up the PostScript filter (pstops) so that it properly supports %%IncludeFeature and page scaling (Issue #1453)
  • Fixed the cupsFileRewind() and cupsFileSeek() functions to work properly with uncompressed files.
  • Added cupsFileGetLine(), cupsFileStderr(), cupsFileStdin(), and cupsFileStdout() functions to the CUPS library.
  • Added a new cupstestdsc program to test the DSC conformance of PostScript files.
  • Added KDE/GNOME icons and a Manage Printers menu item.
  • Added --enable-image and --enable-pdftops configure options to control whether the image and PDF filters are built and installed (default = yes for all platforms but MacOS X)
  • Fixed a minor memory leak in the PPD API.
  • Fixed transcoding issues (Issue #1493)
  • The scheduler now enforces a minimum job cost of 100 when doing FilterLimit checks.
  • The scheduler would leak file descriptors when printing to raw queues (Issue #1491)
  • The IPv6 support did not compile on Tru64 UNIX (Issue #1488)
  • ppdOpen2() now converts the NickName and all UI text to UTF-8 (Issue #1475)
  • The Set Allowed Users web page did not work (Issue #1486)
  • When the default policy was not set or set to a non- existing policy, the scheduler did not set the default policy name to "default" (Issue #1484)
  • The Zebra CPCL driver did not use the correct righthand margin for the 4" wide label sizes.
  • Fixed a problem with the parsing of fractional real numbers in PPD files.
  • Added Spanish localization files (Issue #1480)
  • Fixed localization of a few scheduler messages (Issue #1478)
  • Fixed support for HEAD requests in the scheduler (Issue #1481)

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