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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2.9:

  • The scheduler did not use the default job-sheets (banners) for implicit classes (Issue #2284)
  • The scheduler could crash when listing complete jobs that had been unloaded from memory (Issue #2288)
  • The French localization was doubled up (Issue #2287)
  • Build system fixes for several platforms (Issue #2260, Issue #2275)
  • The scheduler's openssl certificate generation code was broken on some platforms (Issue #2282)
  • The scheduler's log rotation check for devices was broken (Issue #2278)
  • The LPD mini-daemon did not handle the document-format option correctly (Issue #2266)
  • The pdftops filter ignored the "match" size option in the pdftops.conf file (Issue #2285)
  • cupstestppd now validates UTF-8 text strings in globalized PPD files (Issue #2283)
  • The outputorder=reverse option did not work with all printers (Issue #2279)
  • Classes containing other classes did not always work (Issue #2255)
  • Printer location and description information was lost if the corresponding string contained the "#" character (Issue #2254)
  • cupsRemoveOption() did not work properly (Issue #2264)
  • The USB backend did not work with some USB to parallel cables on Mac OS X.
  • The test page did not print the rulers properly on large media sizes (Issue #2252)
  • The text filter could crash when pretty printing certain types of files (Issue #2158)

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