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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2.8:

  • Documentation fixes (Issue #2141, Issue #2157)
  • The HTTP upgrade redirection used by the scheduler did not work with Internet Explorer (Issue #2235)
  • Members of a class with Unicode names did not appear correctly in the web interface (Issue #2154)
  • Changing the "Save debugging information" setting in the web interface no longer affects the other server settings (Issue #1993)
  • The scheduler did not choose SSL certificates correctly on Mac OS X (Issue #2225)
  • The scheduler could get in an infinite loop when printing to a remote class (Issue #2228)
  • The jobs web page did not have separating space after the number of pages column (Issue #2230)
  • Added French localization (Issue #2221)
  • Updated Spanish localization (Issue #2223)
  • Updated Japanese localization (Issue #2216)
  • cupsBorderlessScalingFacter was limited to a range of 0.9 to 1.1, but some printers need larger values (Issue #2222)
  • Landscape printing of PDF files did not always work (Issue #2149)
  • Fixed slow USB printing on Minolta printers (Issue #2104, Issue #2219)
  • The ZPL label printer driver could produce stretched output (PR #6448)
  • The IPP backend now clears the printer-state-message when there are no outstanding errors or warnings (Issue #2126)
  • The CUPS Java scripting support did not work with recent versions of Java due to the use of Sun's private Base64 class (Issue #2152)
  • The scheduler did not pass HTTP GET form variables to custom CGI programs (Issue #2173)
  • The lpoptions command now displays the reason why a PPD file cannot be found (Issue #2184)
  • The scheduler did not accept "none" as a browse protocol name (Issue #2200)
  • The scheduler still loaded the remote printer cache, even when browsing was disabled (Issue #2198)
  • The SNMP backend now shows OfficeJet printers with the "HP" manufacturer prefix (Issue #2151)
  • Web interface HTML cleanup (Issue #2153)
  • The parallel backend consumed 100% CPU on FreeBSD due to an apparently common parallel port driver bug (Issue #2161)
  • ippReadIO() incorrectly returned IPP_IDLE when the initial IPP message header could not be read (Issue #2179)
  • cupsRasterInterpretPPD() did not support custom options (Issue #1960)
  • Collated output produced by the PostScript filter could lose some options (Issue #2137)
  • job-hold-until with time values for the next day would be held for 60 days (Issue #2144)
  • Some types of Sun raster files did not print correctly (Issue #2107)
  • Raw PBM files did not print correctly (Issue #2106)
  • The SNMP backend no longer uses IPP with HP printers, as some recent firmware versions appear to not work (Issue #2055)
  • cupsMarkOptions() did not handle the multiple-document-handling option (Issue #2135)
  • lpstat did not show the local job ID of active printers (Issue #2125)
  • The backends incorrectly used STATUS: media-tray-empty-error messages for out-of-paper conditions (Issue #2123, Issue #2124)
  • cupsGetPPD2() returned the wrong error when the PPD file did not exist (Issue #2122)
  • cupsDoAuthentication() did not translate the password prompt (Issue #2121)
  • httpGetLength2() did not handle error messages without content correctly (Issue #2133)
  • Added support for 32/64-bit libraries on HP-UX Itanium systems (Issue #2115)
  • Fixed a configure script problem with the 32/64-bit library support (Issue #2114)
  • The PostScript filter did not properly output document setup commands for reversed output (Issue #2111)
  • The scheduler did not parse IPv6 netmasks properly (Issue #2117)

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