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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2.7:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #2089)
  • Added an Italian translation (Issue #2105)
  • The PostScript filter now rotates the bounding box values as needed (Issue #2079)
  • The scheduler no longer loads the remote printer cache when browsing is disabled (Issue #2084)
  • The scheduler no longer writes a new launchd configuration file if it doesn't have to (Issue #2083)
  • Updated the USB and PAP backends for Mac OS X (Issue #2086)
  • The scheduler now picks up on changes to IPv6 and DNS configuration on Mac OS X (Issue #2085)
  • The lpstat program could still hang (Issue #2098)
  • Fixed an inefficiency in the SNMP IPP detection code (Issue #2100)
  • The SSL negotiation code did not implement short timeouts (Issue #2091)

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