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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2.6:

  • The web interface was not localized on Mac OS X (Issue #2075)
  • "lpc status" did not show the number of queued jobs for disabled queues (Issue #2069)
  • The lpstat program could hang (Issue #2073)
  • The serial backend did not support the new USB serial filenames on Linux (Issue #2061)
  • The parallel backend did not support bidirectional I/O properly (Issue #2056)
  • The network backends now log the numeric address that is being used (Issue #2046)
  • Fixed a compile error when using libpaper.
  • Fixed a compile error when compiling on Solaris with threading enabled (Issue #2049, Issue #2050)
  • Missing printer-state-changed event for printer-state-message updates (Issue #2047)

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