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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2.5:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #2038)
  • The SNMP backend no longer uses IPP for Epson printers (Issue #2028)
  • Updated the configure script for Tru64 UNIX 5.1 (Issue #2033)
  • Tru64 5.1B's getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo() functions leak file descriptors (Issue #2034)
  • cupsAddDest() didn't add the parent destination's options and attributes.
  • ppdConflicts() did not handle custom option constraints.
  • Raw printing of gzip'd files did not work (Issue #2009)
  • The scheduler no longer preserves default option choices when the new PPD no longer provides the old default choice (Issue #1929)
  • The Linux SCSI backend is now only built if the SCSI development headers are installed.
  • USB printing to Minolta printers did not work (Issue #2019)
  • Windows clients could not monitor the queue status (Issue #2006)
  • The scheduler didn't log the operation name in the access_log file for Create-Job and Print-Job requests.
  • The PostScript filter now separates collated copies with any required JCL commands so that JCL-based finishing options act on the individual copies and not all of the copies as a single document.
  • The PostScript filter now disables duplex printing when printing a 1-page document.
  • cups-lpd didn't pass the correct job-originating-host-name value (Issue #2023)
  • Fixed some speling errors in the German message catalog (Issue #2012)
  • cupstestppd did not catch PPD files with bad UIConstraints values (Issue #2016)
  • The USB backend did not work with the current udev- created printers if the first printer was disconnected (Issue #2017)
  • Mirrored and rotated printing did not work with some documents (Issue #2004)
  • 2-sided printing with banners did not work properly on some printers (Issue #2018)
  • Updated the raw type rule to handle PJL within the first 4k of a print job (Issue #1969)
  • Added an Estonian translation (Issue #1957)
  • Clarified the documentation for the cupsd.conf @Local and @if(name) allow/deny functionality (Issue #1992)
  • The PostScript filters did not escape the Title and For comments in the print job header (Issue #1988)
  • The scheduler would use 100% CPU if browsing was disabled and the cupsd.conf file contained BrowsePoll lines (Issue #1994)
  • The cupsDirRead() function did not work properly on non-POSIX-compliant systems (Issue #2001)
  • The cupsFile functions didn't handle read/write errors properly (Issue #1996)
  • The DBUS support now works with older versions of the DBUS library.

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