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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2.4:

  • The --with-printcap configure option did not work (Issue #1984)
  • The character set reported by cupsLangGet() did not always reflect the default character set of a given locale (Issue #1983)
  • Older Lexmark and Tektronix printers did not work with IPP (Issue #1980)
  • Failsafe printing did not work (PR #6328)
  • Some web interface redirects did not work (Issue #1978)
  • The web interface change settings button could introduce a "Port 0" line in cupsd.conf if there was no loopback connection available (Issue #1979)
  • The web interface change settings and edit configuration file buttons would truncate the cupsd.conf file (Issue #1976)
  • The German web interface used the wrong printer icon images (Issue #1973)
  • The "All Documents" link in the on-line help was missing a trailing slash (Issue #1971)
  • The Polish web interface translation used the wrong URLs for the job history (Issue #1963)
  • The "reprint job" button did not work (Issue #1956)
  • The scheduler did not always report printer or job events properly (Issue #1955)
  • The scheduler always stopped the queue on error, regardless of the exit code, if the error policy was set to "stop-printer" (Issue #1959)
  • ppdEmitJCL() included UTF-8 characters in the JCL job name, which caused problems on some printers (Issue #1959)
  • Fixed a buffering problem that cause high CPU usage (Issue #1968)
  • The command-line applications did not convert command-line strings to UTF-8 as needed (Issue #1958)
  • cupsDirRead() incorrectly aborted when reading a symbolic link that pointed to a file/directory that did not exist (Issue #1953)
  • The cupsInterpretRasterPPD() function did not handle custom page sizes properly.

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