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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2.3:

  • The scheduler did not send job-state or job-config-changed events when a job was held, released, or changed (Issue #1947)
  • The scheduler now aborts if the configuration file and directory checks fail (Issue #1941)
  • Fixed a problem with ippPort() not using the port number that was set via the client.conf file or CUPS_SERVER environment variable (Issue #1945)
  • HTTP headers were not buffered (Issue #1899)
  • Some IPP printers (HP) did not like UTF-8 job names (Issue #1837)
  • The CUPS desktop icon is now localized for Polish (Issue #1920)
  • Printer options were not always honored when printing from Windows clients (Issue #1839)
  • The openssl command would lock up the scheduler when generating an encryption certificate on some platforms due to a lack of entropy for the random number generator (Issue #1876)
  • The web admin page did not recognize that "Listen 631" enabled remote access (Issue #1908)
  • The web admin page did not check whether changes were made to the Basic Server Settings check boxes (Issue #1908)
  • The IPP backend could generate N*N copies in certain edge cases.
  • The scheduler did not restore remote printers properly when BrowseShortNames was enabled (Issue #1893)
  • Polling did not handle changes to the network environment on Mac OS X (Issue #1896)
  • The "make test" subscription tests used invalid notify-recipient-uri values (Issue #1910)
  • Printers could be left in an undefined state on system sleep (Issue #1905)
  • The Berkeley and System V commands did not always use the expected character set (Issue #1915)
  • Remote printing fixes (Issue #1881)
  • The cupstestppd utility did not validate translation strings for custom options properly.
  • Multi-language PPD files were not properly localized in the web interface (Issue #1913)
  • The admin page's simple settings options did not check for local domain socket or IPv6 addresses and did not use "localhost" as the listen address.
  • An empty BrowseProtocols, BrowseLocalProtocols, or BrowseRemoteProtocols line would crash the scheduler instead of disabling the corresponding browsing options.
  • The scheduler now logs IPP operation status as debug messages instead of info or error.
  • cupsFileRewind() didn't clear the end-of-file state.
  • cupstestppd didn't report the actual misspelling of the 1284DeviceID attribute (Issue #1849)
  • BrowseRelay didn't work on Debian (Issue #1887)
  • configure --without-languages didn't work (Issue #1879)
  • Manually added remote printers did not work (Issue #1881)
  • The <cups/backend.h> header was not installed.
  • Updated the build files for Autoconf 2.60 (Issue #1853)
  • The scheduler incorrectly terminated the polling processes after receiving a partial log line.
  • The cups-lpd mini-daemon reported "No printer-state attribute found" errors when reporting the queue status (PR #6250, Issue #1821)
  • SNMP backend improvements (Issue #1737, Issue #1742, Issue #1790, Issue #1835, Issue #1880)
  • The scheduler erroneously reported an error with the CGI pipe (Issue #1860)
  • Fixed HP-UX compile problems (Issue #1858, Issue #1859)
  • cupstestppd crashed with some PPD files (Issue #1864)
  • The <cups/dir.h> and <cups/file.h> header files did not work with C++.

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