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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2.12:

  • The PHP cups_print_file() function crashed if the options array contained non-string option values (Issue #2430)
  • The image/tiff file matching rule incorrectly identified some text files as TIFF files (Issue #2431)
  • The filter(7) man page incorrectly documented the "PAGE: total #-pages" message (Issue #2427)
  • PCL text files were mis-identified as HP-GL/2 and caused the HP-GL/2 filter to hang (Issue #2423)
  • When printing to a queue with user ACLs, the scheduler incorrectly returned a quota error instead of a "not allowed to print" error (Issue #2409)
  • cupsaddsmb could get in a loop if no printer drivers were installed (Issue #2407)
  • cupsRasterReadHeader() did not byte-swap the header properly when compiled with certain versions of GCC.
  • The IPP backend did not send the document-format attribute for filtered jobs (Issue #2411)
  • Some PPD files could cause a crash in ppdOpen2 (Issue #2408)
  • The web admin interface incorrectly handled the "share printers" and "show remote printers" settings (Issue #2393)
  • The scheduler's log messages about AuthClass and AuthGroupName advised using a replacement directive but had the wrong syntax (Issue #2400)
  • Updated the PostScript/PJL and HP-GL/2 MIME rules to look in the first 4k of the file, not just the first 1k (Issue #2386)
  • Updated the Italian localization (Issue #2382)

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