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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2.11:

  • Fixed the "relaying from" log message (Issue #2376)
  • Updated the launchd support on Mac OS X to better support reconfiguration.
  • "make distclean" didn't remove all generated files (Issue #2366)
  • Fixed a bug in the advertisement of classes (Issue #2373)
  • The IPP backend now stays running until the job is actually printed by the remote server; previously it would stop monitoring the job if it was held or temporarily stopped (Issue #2352)
  • PDF files were not always printed using the correct orientation (Issue #2348)
  • The scheduler could crash if you specified a bad file: URI for a printer (Issue #2351)
  • The Renew-Subscription operation now returns the notify-lease-duration value that was used (Issue #2346)
  • The IPP backend sent job options to IPP printers, however some printers tried to override the options embedded in the PS/PCL stream with those job options (Issue #2349)
  • ppdLocalize() now also tries a country-specific localization for when localizing to a generic locale name.
  • The cupstestppd program now allows for partial localizations to reduce the size of universal PPD files.
  • Chinese PPD files were incorrectly tagged with the "cn" locale (should have been "zh")
  • The backends now manage the printer-state-reasons attribute more accurately (Issue #2345)
  • Java, PHP, Perl, and Python scripts did not work properly (Issue #2342)
  • The scheduler would take forever to start if the maximum number of file descriptors was set to "unlimited" (Issue #2329)
  • The page-ranges option was incorrectly applied to the banner pages (Issue #2336)
  • Fixed some GCC compile warnings (Issue #2340)
  • The DBUS notification code was broken for older versions of DBUS (Issue #2327)
  • The IPv6 code did not compile on HP-UX 11.23 (Issue #2331)
  • PPD constraints did not work properly with custom options.
  • Regular PPD options with the name "CustomFoo" did not work.
  • The USB backend did not work on NetBSD (Issue #2324)
  • The printer-state-reasons attribute was incorrectly cleared after a job completed (Issue #2323)
  • The scheduler did not set the printer operation policy on startup, only on soft reload (Issue #2319)
  • The AP_FIRSTPAGE_InputSlot option did not clear any ManualFeed setting that was made, which caused problems with some PPD files (Issue #2318)
  • cupsDoFileRequest() and cupsDoRequest() did not abort when getting an error in the response (Issue #2315)
  • The scheduler did not schedule jobs properly to remote or nested classes (Issue #2317)
  • Updated the mime.types and mime.convs headers to warn that the files are overwritten when CUPS is installed. Local changes should go in local.types or local.convs, respectively (Issue #2310)
  • The scheduler could get in an infinite loop if a printer in an implicit class disappeared (Issue #2311)
  • The pstops filter did not handle %%EndFeature comments properly (Issue #2306)
  • Fixed a problem with the Polish web page printer icons (Issue #2305)
  • ppdLocalize() now also localizes the cupsICCProfile attributes.
  • The scheduler still had a reference to the incorrect "notify-recipient" attribute (Issue #2307)
  • The "make check" and "make test" subscription tests did not set the locale (Issue #2307)
  • The "make check" and "make test" subscription tests incorrectly used the notify-recipient attribute instead of notify-recipient-uri (Issue #2307)
  • cupsRasterInterpretPPD() incorrectly limited the cupsBorderlessScalingFactor when specified in the job options.

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