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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2.10:

  • ppdLocalize() now supports localizing for Japanese using the "jp" locale name used by the ppdmerge program from the CUPS DDK 1.1.0 (Issue #2301)
  • _cupsAdminSetServerSettings() did not support changing of top-level directives as designed.
  • The init script path check was broken.
  • CUPS incorrectly used the attribute "notify-recipient" instead of "notify-recicpient-uri" in several places (Issue #2297)
  • Fixed a configure script bug on MirBSD (Issue #2294)
  • The pdftops filter did not limit the amount of recursion of page sets (Issue #2293)
  • Custom page sizes with fractional point sizes did not work (Issue #2296)
  • The lpoptions command would crash when adding or removing options on a system with no printers (Issue #2295)

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