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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.2.1:

  • "lprm -h hostname" did not work (Issue #1800)
  • The web interface did not handle reloads properly for MSIE (Issue #1716)
  • The configure script no longer adds linker rpath options when they are unnecessary.
  • The scheduler could crash printing a debug message on Solaris (Issue #1714)
  • The --enable-32bit and --enable-64bit configure options did not always work.
  • The password prompt showed the domain socket address instead of "localhost" for local authentication (Issue #1706)
  • The web interface filtered the list of printers even if the user wasn't logged in (Issue #1700)
  • The IPP backend did not work reliably with some Xerox printers (Issue #1704)
  • Trailing banners were not added when printing a single file (Issue #1698)
  • The web interface support programs crashed on Solaris (Issue #1699)
  • cupstestppd incorrectly reported problems with *1284DeviceID attributes (Issue #1710)
  • Browsing could get disabled after a restart (Issue #1670)
  • Custom page sizes were not parsed properly (Issue #1709)
  • The -U option wasn't supported by lpadmin (Issue #1702)
  • The -u option didn't work with lpadmin (Issue #1703)
  • The scheduler did not create non-blocking back-channel pipes, which caused problems when the printer driver did not read the back-channel data (Issue #1705)
  • The scheduler no longer uses chunking in responses to clients - this caused problems with older versions of CUPS like 1.1.17 (PR #6143)
  • Automatic raw printing was broken (Issue #1667)
  • 6-up printing was broken (Issue #1697)
  • The pstops filter did not disable CTRL-D processing on the printer/RIP.
  • ppdOpen*() did not load custom options properly (Issue #1680)
  • "Set Printer Options" in the web interface did not update the DefaultImageableArea or DefaultPaperDimension attributes in the PPD file (Issue #1689)
  • Fixed compile errors (Issue #1682, Issue #1684, Issue #1685, Issue #1690)
  • The lpstat command displayed the wrong error message for a missing destination (Issue #1683)
  • Revised and completed the Polish translation (Issue #1669)
  • Stopped jobs did not show up in the list of active jobs (Issue #1676)
  • The configure script did not use the GNU TLS "libgnutls-config" script to find the proper compiler and linker options.
  • The imagetoraster filter did not correctly generate several 1, 2, and 4-bit color modes.
  • cupsRasterWritePixels() could lose track of the current output row.
  • cupsRasterReadPixels() did not automatically swap 12/16-bit chunked pixel data.
  • Moved the private _cups_raster_s structure out of the public header.
  • Updated the CUPS raster format specification to include encoding rules and colorspace definitions.
  • The Zebra PPD files had the wrong PostScript code for the "default" option choices.
  • The imagetoraster filter did not generate correct CIE XYZ or Lab color data.
  • The cups-config script did not work when invoked from a source directory (Issue #1673)
  • The SNMP backend did not compile on systems that used the getifaddrs emulation functions (Issue #1668)

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