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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1b5:

  • Documentation updates.
  • The pstoraster filter didn't compile without the JPEG library.
  • The cupsd server didn't support the HTTP OPTIONS request method.
  • Dropped the "CLOSE" method supported by the cupsd server. (not defined in HTTP specification)
  • Makefile/configure script fixes.
  • Missing the job-restart template.
  • Added IPP test suite for testing.
  • Missing IPP documentation from binary distributions.
  • Fixed multiple-document handling code when last-document not specified.
  • Added more checks to IPP requests to prevent bad requests from getting through.
  • Not all of the Ghostscript error output was being sent to stderr.
  • The PostScript filter now added PJL commands to set the job name and display string, if supported.
  • The scheduler would crash if the browse socket could not be bound. Now disables browsing if port 631 (reserved for IPP) is being used by a misbehaving daemon.
  • The USB backend now looks for the older Linux 2.2.x USB printer device filenames as well as the newer ones.
  • The IPP backend now uses the UTF-8 charset exclusively, since apparently only CUPS handles more than US-ASCII and UTF-8...
  • Wasn't quoting ( in PostScript banners...
  • Send-document requests with no document-format attribute could cause cupsd to crash.
  • Old jobs in the spool directory might cause cupsd to crash.
  • CUPS now supports all of the recommended job-hold-until keywords as well as name values of the form "HH:MM" and "HH:MM:SS".
  • Added placeholder pointer for TLS encryption to the HTTP connection structure.
  • Fixed the "fast poll" bug reported by DISA - the status pipe wasn't being closed for multi-file jobs.
  • Revamped put_params code in pstoraster to fix bitmap allocation bug with FrameMaker output.
  • Ripped out filename, etc. code from pstoraster as it is a potential security hole.
  • Added support for RIP_CACHE environment variable in the new pstoraster.
  • Fixed USB device filenames for Linux; now support new pre-2.4 devices (/dev/usb/lp#) and 2.2 devices (/dev/usblp#)
  • Fixed accept-jobs crash with classes.
  • Didn't include dot-matrix EPSON drivers in previous release.

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