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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1b4:

  • Documentation updates.
  • Many makefile and configuration script fixes (should now compile better under *BSD.)
  • The MediaPosition attribute was being mishandled by GhostScript, causing the RIP to fail whenever a paper tray was selected.
  • The scheduler now logs the final line of log information from a filter, even if it doesn't end with a newline; this primarily affects GhostScript error output.
  • The scheduler was saving implicit classes, so after a few restarts you'll end up with AnyPrinter, AnyAnyPrinter, etc.
  • The JPEG autodetection didn't work with some JPEG files that came from digital cameras (JPEG but not JFIF); the new magic types should work with all images that the JPEG library can handle.
  • Fixed a bug in the new contains() MIME type rule that could cause cupsd to crash.
  • Switched to using strtol() in the MIME type code so that you can use hex, octal, or decimal constants as desired in the mime.types file.
  • Banner files are now treated as templates, allowing any type of file to be used as a banner.
  • Added a 30-second timeout to backend device reports so that a hung backend will not prevent the scheduler from starting.
  • Backends are once again terminated when jobs are stopped; the CUPS-supplied backends will stay alive until the downstream filters have had a chance to clear out old page data.
  • The charset lookup in the CUPS localization support was wrong (iso8859-x instead of iso-8859-x)
  • Changed the "cpNNNN" code page files to "windows-NNNN" to match the IANA registrations.
  • New PostScript banner pages.
  • Added Windows BMP and Alias PIX image file support to the image filter.
  • The PNG reading coded didn't free all of its buffers.
  • Added Digest authentication support to the client and server code.
  • Added Solaris options to System V commands.
  • Now support the output-bin job template attribute.
  • Now log the job-billing attribute in the page_log file, and keep track of the total number of pages in the job-media-sheets-completed attribute.
  • The penwidth option is now in micrometers to support more accurate width specification.
  • The image filters now support interlaced and transparent PNG files.
  • Didn't handle Keep-Alive for HTTP/1.0 clients.
  • The BrowsePoll support didn't handle when BrowseInterval was set to 0 (now uses 30 seconds if BrowseInterval is 0)
  • The DeskJet driver now supports 600 DPI color for printers that support it.
  • New lpinfo and lpmove commands.
  • The lpq command now supports the Digital UNIX output format.
  • The LPD mini-daemon now supports all required LPD operations.
  • Implemented timeouts for multi-file documents.
  • New cupsPrintFiles() function in the CUPS API library to print multiple files using create-job and send-document requests (1 job ID for multiple files)
  • The lp command now sends multiple files as a single job, matching the behavior of the System V command.
  • The "cancel -a" command now purges job history files.

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