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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1b3:

  • Documentation updates.
  • The startup script redirected stderr before stdout, which caused problems with some versions of Bourne shell and Bash.
  • Fixed a bug in the scheduler's PPD language reading code.
  • Fixed a bug in the scheduler's check for the manufacturer in the PPD.
  • The pstoraster filter didn't allow some input and output attributes to be set.
  • Added banner page support.
  • Added missing PAM configuration file.
  • Configuration script fixes for Linux and *BSD.
  • The log file code was using the wrong sign for the timezone offset.
  • The default printcap file is now empty (no printcap file is generated).
  • The scheduler did not start jobs destined for remote printers when they became available.
  • The scheduler now sends jobs to remote printers immediately. (when sending jobs to a class, the remote printer is only used when it becomes available)
  • The scheduler now supports printing of banner pages via the job-sheets attribute (banner files go in /usr/share/cups/banners)
  • The cupsd process now forks itself into the background (override with -f)
  • Added several *BSD enhancements.
  • Added UNSUPPORTED libtool option to configuration script to allow the use of libtool. Note that this is UNSUPPORTED by us, but added by request of the *BSD folks.
  • The parallel, serial, and usb backends now retry the opening of their ports. This allows multiple print queues to be associated with a single physical port, and will allow CUPS to support several types of parallel port auto-switches in the near future.
  • Set-Job-Attributes now supports adding, changing, and deleting job template attributes, and no longer allows job-printer-uri to be set (see CUPS-Move-Job)
  • Added CUPS-Move-Job operation to support moving of jobs.
  • The CGI template functionality now supports multiple languages (still only have templates for English)
  • The CUPS-Get-Printers and CUPS-Get-Classes operations now support filtering as defined in the IDD.
  • The Get-Jobs, CUPS-Get-Printers, and CUPS-Get-Classes operations no longer limit themselves to 1000 jobs, printers, or classes (believe it or not, this is needed for some sites)
  • The web interfaces now support language-specific templates.
  • The web admin interface now supports class management.
  • The web admin interface now shows a list of manufacturers before selecting the PPD/driver for a specific printer.
  • The web admin interface now supports configuration of the default printer options in the PPD file.
  • The web interface now uses printer/class authentication for the test page instead of admin authentication.
  • Updated the RPM spec file for the current release.
  • Updated language support for Windows code pages.
  • 8-bit character set files can now use multiple fonts (needed for Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, etc.)
  • Added basic right-to-left text support in the text filter.
  • The POSIX locale now uses ISO-8859-1 instead of US-ASCII.
  • Fixed PDF printing problems.
  • Fixed PostScript RIP page device dictionary elements that weren't getting passed in cups_get_params().
  • Added a new "contains" rule for the magic file typing.
  • The "printable" rule now accepts characters from 128 to 255 (needed for Microsoft character sets)
  • Added support for ~/.cupsrc as well as /etc/cups/client.conf so that the default server can be configured on a per-user basis without environment variables.
  • Added LPD mini-daemon to support incoming LPD jobs.

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