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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.8:

  • Updated spec file to generate separate cups-pstoraster package for pstoraster.
  • The spec file wasn't setting LOGDIR in the install.
  • The scheduler might restart a stopped printer after stopping a print job. Thanks to Florent Guiliani for finding this bug!
  • The init script showed run level 0 for the Red Hat chkconfig program. This is incorrect because Red Hat doesn't use run level 0 for shutdown scripts.
  • The IPP backend did not handle the client-error-not-found error when checking the status of the job that was sent. This caused remote queues to stop on client machines when the server had job history disabled.
  • Added httpConnectEncrypt() function to avoid performance penalty for setting up encrypted connections initially.
  • Use httpConnectEncrypt() in all client apps and in the CUPS API to ensure consistent usage of encryption throughout.
  • Jobs weren't queued to remote classes (fix from Richard Begg.)
  • AIX changes from Richard Begg.
  • Fixed the pstops fix for GNOME output - no longer use the page numbers in the %%Page: comment since GNOME puts a filename instead (!?@!#?!). There is still an issue with N-up printing since GNOME defines its fonts in the first page instead of the document setup section (pages must be independent according to the DSC spec) People with GNOME printing problems should consult bug #54489...
  • The imagetops filter produced PAGE: messages when generating PostScript for a non-PostScript printer (only affects page-label and Classification options.)
  • The updated pdftops filter was looking for an options file called xpdf.conf instead of pdftops.conf.

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