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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.4:

  • Makefile and configure script fixes.
  • **** Changed the default Printcap setting **** to /etc/printcap. There are just too many people asking why application XYZ doesn't see their printers!
  • The web admin interface now displays an error if it can't get the list of printer drivers from cupsd.
  • The IPP backend was putting the copies option before the other job options were set. This caused the IPP request to contain attribute groups in the wrong order, which prevented remote printing.
  • Added checks in scheduler to free memory used for IPP requests and language information when closing a client connection.
  • Fixed the duplex option in the HP LaserJet driver. It should now work with all LaserJet printers (and compatibles)
  • The add-printer web interface didn't initialize the "old info" data pointer, which caused random crashes on many OS's.
  • Fixed many page sizes defined in the Level 1 compatibility file "" to match reality.
  • Fixed another bug in the setpagedevice "code" in Ghostscript. It should now accept all standard Adobe attributes on all platforms.
  • Fixed pstoraster so that it reallocates memory for color depth changes as well as size/resolution changes. This removes an ordering constraint on the color, page size, and resolution options in PPD files.
  • The IPP backend didn't use the job's character set when the destination printer supported it. This caused problems when printing text files to other CUPS servers.
  • Updated the logic used to determine when to rebuild the PPD file database. The scheduler now checks the dates and the number of PPD files (was just checking the dates.)
  • Updated the ippSetCGIVars() function (used by the web interfaces) to only filter valid string values.
  • The PostScript filter was scaling 2-up pages incorrectly. This caused the edges of some pages to be clipped.

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