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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.3:

  • Makefile fixes.
  • RPM spec file changes.
  • Documentation updates.
  • Enabled pstoraster debug messages for everything (only logged when LogLevel set to "debug"...)
  • Changed the Input/OutputAttributes fix in pstoraster so that it works on all platforms.
  • The HP-GL/2 filter didn't set the right green color value in encoded polylines or text.
  • Updated the "fitplot" code to handle plot sizes specified as "PSwidth,length" and "PSlength,width".
  • Updated the Linux parallel and USB backends to open the device files prior to looking in /proc for autoprobe info. This makes sure that loadable device driver modules are in fact loaded...
  • Added new FilterLimit directive to limit the number of processing jobs/filters on a system.
  • set-job-attributes didn't change the job-state to held/pending when the job-hold-until attribute was specified.
  • set-job-attributes didn't save the new job attributes.
  • Now change the "requesting-user-name" attribute in requests from remote systems to "remroot" when an unauthenticated "root" user is sent. This can be changed using the new RemoteRoot directive in cupsd.conf.
  • The cancel-job, hold-job, release-job, and restart-job operations didn't log the authenticated username.
  • The cups-lpd mini-daemon now checks for a document-format option before forcing raw mode with filter mode 'l'.
  • The cups-lpd mini-daemon now supports "-o" options on the command-line (passed by inetd) to set global defaults for all print queues.
  • The pstops filter assumed that a file with a Trailer comment would also have an EOF comment.
  • Added new cupsSetPasswordCB(), cupsSetServer(), cupsSetUser(), and ippSetPort() functions to better support client applications (especially GUIs...)
  • The CUPS-add-class and CUPS-add-printer operations didn't reset the printer-name attribute on remote print queues that had to be renamed when a local printer was defined with the same name.
  • The lpoptions command now supports a "-r" option to remove options for a printer or instance.
  • The lpadmin and admin.cgi programs no longer allow class and printer names to begin with a number; this caused the command-line utilities to become confused.
  • The Linux USB backend now looks for both the parallel and usblp driver names in the device list.
  • Added a new FontPath directive to cupsd.conf, and also a "--with-fontpath" option for the configure script to specify alternate font paths for pstoraster.
  • The CUPS-move-job operation didn't update the job-printer-uri attribute.
  • The scheduler only looked up printers and classes by name in IPP requests, instead of using the full URI. This caused problems with KUPS and friends with remote printers.
  • The scheduler now handles better localization of hostnames (e.g. server is, remote is, localized is not host.subfoo...)
  • The scheduler logging functions now use a common log file checking/rotation function (courtesy of Crutcher Dunnavant at Red Hat)
  • The scheduler could accept more client connections than it allocated for if more than one Port or Listen line was present in cupsd.conf.
  • Other minor scheduler performance tweeks.
  • The lpq and lprm commands didn't support the default printer set using lpoptions.
  • The lpoptions command now supports a "-l" option to list the printer-specific options and their current settings.
  • The web printer and class lists now show a link to the default printer or class at the top of the page.
  • The text filter now supports pretty printing of shell and perl scripts as well as C/C++ source files.
  • The top and bottom margins were reversed for landscape text printing.
  • The lpq and lprm commands didn't understand printer instances.
  • The scheduler only selected on the first 100 file descriptors instead of the maximum file descriptor limit.
  • The scheduler client, listener, and mainline functions now share code to disable and enable monitoring for new client connections.
  • The imagetoraster filter didn't support all of the required pagedevice parameters.
  • The serial backend now checks for 100 serial ports under Linux.
  • The scheduler used sscanf() to pull out the remote printer location, description, and make/model strings, but if any of these options was empty then sscanf() would stop processing.
  • Added "debug2" log level to provide a little less verbose debugging information at the "debug" level.
  • The scheduler would crash if you stopped a printer that was currently printing a job.
  • The scheduler incorrectly allowed jobs in the cancelled, aborted, or completed state to be cancelled.
  • The image filters did not load TIFF images properly for bottom-to-top and right-to-left orientations.
  • Added new cupsEncodeOptions() function to encode CUPS options as IPP job attributes.
  • The IPP backend, LPD mini-daemon, client commands, and CUPS API did not properly encode multiple option values separated by commas.
  • Added new scheduler malloc logging in debug mode (provides summary of total arena size, allocated, and free bytes once a minute)
  • The EPM-based distributions didn't install the correct symlinks for a few man pages.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the scheduler - wasn't freeing old filters when deleting or renaming printers.
  • The scheduler now queries the primary IP address for the name of the server and maps any incoming requests from that address to the server name. This fixes web admin mapping problems from to localhost.
  • The web printer modify interface now remembers the previous device and driver settings (except for serial ports.)
  • The job-k-octets attribute is now stored as part of the job attributes; this preserves the information after a job is completed when job file history is turned off.
  • Dropped option sub-group parsing code for the moment, since many Xerox PPD files abuse this feature in PPD files and don't follow the hierarchy rules.
  • Added new wrapper code around options so that duplex options for some HP printers don't prevent prints.
  • Added support for Digital UNIX/Tru64 UNIX/OSF/1 format for "lpstat -v" output.
  • Now show the URI for remote printers instead of /dev/null in "lpstat -v" output.
  • Creating classes and adding printers to a class with the lpadmin command didn't work.
  • The banner pages and test page should now format correctly in both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Updated banner page substitution so that { can appear by itself without quoting.

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