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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.23rc1:

  • The lpr man page did not document the "-U" option (Issue #998)
  • The scheduler no longer sends the page-set option when printing banner pages (Issue #995)
  • Fixed a debug message in the imagetops filter (Issue #1012)
  • The lprm man page listed the "-" option in the wrong order (Issue #911)
  • The hpgltops filter contained two buffer overflows that could potentially allow remote access to the "lp" account (Issue #1024)
  • The lppasswd command did not protect against file descriptor or ulimit attacks (Issue #1023)
  • The "lpc status" command used the wrong resource path when querying the list of printers and jobs, causing unnecessary authentication requests (Issue #1018)
  • The httpWait() function did not handle signal interruptions (Issue #1020)
  • The USB backend used the wrong size status variable when checking the printer status (Issue #1017)
  • The scheduler did not delete classes from other classes or implicit classes, which could cause a crash (Issue #1015)
  • The IPP backend now logs the remote print job ID at log level NOTICE instead of INFO (so it shows up in the error_log file...)

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