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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.23:

  • Updated the Spanish man pages (Issue #1041)
  • The lpstat man page contained a typo (Issue #1040)
  • The scheduler's is_path_absolute() code could cause a DoS (Issue #1042)
  • The scheduler's device loading code used the wrong size limits for the make/model and info parameters (Issue #1035)
  • The PNG loading code did not use a "long unsigned integer" format specifier for the width and height (Issue #1032)
  • The web interface only showed the first 4 or 8 characters of "{variable-name}" for undefined template variables (Issue #1031)
  • The hpgltops filter did not handle a common PCL command to enter HP-GL/2 mode (Issue #1037)

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