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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.22:

  • The lpstat man page incorrectly listed the "-s" option as using the equivalent of the "-p" option to list the printers; it uses the "-v" option to list the printers (Issue #986)
  • Now allow 0-length reads in the CUPS file API (Issue #985)
  • cupsDoFileRequest() now sets cupsLastError() to IPP_ERROR on network errors (Issue #953)
  • The pdftops filter didn't scale small pages up to the output page size when the fitplot option was used (Issue #984)
  • Fixed the ipptest program usage message (Issue #959)
  • Added Spanish man pages (Issue #963)
  • Fixed the order of comparisons in the client.conf reading code (Issue #971)
  • cupsLangGet() incorrectly set the current locale (Issue #970)

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