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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.21rc2:

  • Fixed a denial-of-service bug in the CUPS browse protocol support (Issue #863)
  • The scheduler used a select() timeout of INT_MAX seconds when there was nothing to do, which doesn't work on IRIX (Issue #864)
  • Updated the cupsaddsmb program to use the new Windows 2000 PostScript drivers instead of the Windows NT printer drivers (Issue #390)
  • The gziptoany filter did not produce copies for raw print jobs (Issue #808)
  • The cupsLangGet() function now uses nl_langinfo(), when available, to get the current encoding (Issue #856)
  • Added a ReloadTimeout directive to control how long the scheduler waits for jobs to complete before restarting the scheduler (Issue #861)
  • Added a note to the default cupsd.conf file which mentions that you must allow connections from localhost for the command-line and web interfaces to work (Issue #850)
  • The IPP backend incorrectly used the local port when communicating with a remote server; this caused problems with some custom configurations (Issue #852)
  • The cups-lpd mini-daemon wasn't using the right default banner option (Issue #851)
  • Updated the new httpDecode64_2() and httpEncode64_2() functions to handle arbitrary binary data, not just text (Issue #860)
  • String options with quotes in their values were not quoted properly by the scheduler (Issue #839)
  • Configure script changes for GNU/Hurd (Issue #838)
  • The lppasswd program was not installed properly by GNU install when the installer was not root (Issue #836)
  • Updated the cups-lpd man page (Issue #843)
  • Fixed a typo in the cupsd man page (Issue #833)
  • The USB backend now defaults to using the newer /dev/usb/lpN filenames; this helps on systems which use the devfs filesystem type on Linux (Issue #818)
  • The config.h file did not define the HAVE_USERSEC_H constant when the configure script detected the usersec.h header file. This caused authentication errors on AIX (Issue #832)
  • The lp and lpr commands now report the temporary filename and error if they are unable to create a temporary file (Issue #812)
  • Added ServerTokens directive to control the Server header in HTTP responses (Issue #792)
  • Added new httpDecode64_2(), httpEncode64_2(), and httpSeparate2() functions which offer buffer size arguments (Issue #797)
  • The cupsGetFile() and cupsPutFile() code did not support CDSA or GNUTLS (Issue #794)
  • The httpSeparate() function did not decode all character escapes (Issue #795)
  • The cupstestppd program now checks for invalid Duplex option choices and fails PPD files that use non-standard values (Issue #791)
  • Updated the printer name error message to indicate that spaces are not allowed (Issue #675)
  • The scheduler didn't handle HTTP GET form data properly (Issue #744)
  • The pstops filter now makes sure that the prolog code is sent before the setup code (Issue #776)
  • The pstops filter now handles print files that incorrectly start @pjl commands without a language escape (Issue #734)
  • Miscellaneous build fixes for NetBSD (Issue #788)
  • Added support for quoted system group names (Issue #784)
  • Added "version" option to IPP backend to workaround serious bug in Linksys's IPP implementation (Issue #767)
  • Added Spanish translation of web interface (Issue #772, Issue #802)
  • The LPD backend now uses geteuid() instead of getuid() when it is available (Issue #752)
  • The IPP backend did not report the printer state if the wait option was set to "no" (Issue #761)
  • The printer state was not updated for "STATE: foo,bar" messages (Issue #745)
  • Added new CUPS API convenience functions which accept a HTTP connection to eliminate extra username/password prompts. This resolves a previous authentication caching issue (Issue #729, Issue #743)
  • The scheduler did not correctly throttle the browse broadcasts, resulting in missing printers on client machines (Issue #754)
  • The scheduler did not pass the correct CUPS_ENCRYPTION setting to CGI programs which caused problems on systems which used non-standard encryption settings (Issue #773)
  • The lpq command showed 11st, 12nd, and 13rd instead of 11th, 12th, and 13th for the rank (Issue #769)
  • "make install" didn't work on some platforms due to an error in the man page makefiles (Issue #775)
  • Changed some calls to snprintf() in the scheduler to SetStringf() (Issue #740)

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