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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.21:

  • The scheduler did not separate Digest authentication parameters with commas (Issue #882)
  • Fixed some problems with image printing to custom page sizes (Issue #891)
  • Removed the remaining scheduler code that did not use the "close-on-exec" file descriptor flag to speed up program invocations (Issue #890)
  • The "lpr -r" command removed the print file even if it was not printed. It now only removes the file if the job is successfully created (Issue #886)
  • Revamped the custom page size orientation fix (Issue #127)
  • The lp, lpq, lpr, and lpstat commands now report when an environment variable is pointing to a non-existent printer instead of just saying "no default destination" (Issue #879)
  • Queue names with 2 periods (e.g. "printer..2") were not supported (Issue #866)

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