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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.20rc6:

  • "lp -i jobid -H restart" would often return an error even though the job restarted successfully (Issue #362)
  • The scheduler did not check for invalid allow/deny addresses such as "". It now masks off the extra address bits and logs a warning message in the error_log file (Issue #337)
  • The cupstestppd utility now checks for missing ImageableArea and PaperDimension attributes for each defined PageSize (Issue #365)
  • The IPP code did not wait for a reply indefinitely on HTTP connections in "blocking" mode (Issue #377)
  • The web interfaces did not rewrite the default printer URI properly (Issue #299 and #369)
  • The LPD backend passed the C and L commands in the wrong order (Issue #378)
  • The Dymo label printer driver did not set the label length properly (Issue #373)
  • The scheduler did not support job IDs higher than 99999 (Issue #371)
  • The Visual C++ project files did not work (Issue #366)
  • The scheduler's cupsLangSeek() function did not reset the "EOF" flag, preventing compressed files from being typed properly in some cases (Issue #368)
  • The cupsLangGet() cache was only used if the locale name provided an explicit character set name (Issue #354)
  • The CUPS API convenience functions did not call cupsLangFree() when they were done with the localization data (Issue #354)
  • The scheduler did not return the job-hold-until-supported or job-hold-until-default attributes (Issue #356)
  • The cupsaddsmb program did not support the new CUPS driver for Windows (Issue #357)

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