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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.20rc2:

  • The serial backend set the IXANY option on the port for XON/XOFF flow control; this caused problems with printers that returned status info but were not ready for more print data (Issue #287)
  • The scheduler didn't support scripted index files (index.php,, etc. - Issue #290)
  • The scheduler did not correctly localize script files with "GET" variables (Issue #268)
  • Changes in job classification are now logged (Issue #289)
  • Fixed a few more SLP-related bugs (Issue #259)
  • Updated the user/group configure checks for MacOS X 10.3 (Issue #270)
  • Fixed an offset bug in the PDF filter (Issue #284)
  • The cupsDoRequest() and cupsDoFileRequest() functions did not map several HTTP status codes to their IPP counterparts. This made detecting certain conditions very difficult (Issue #277)
  • Config, spool, and status files are now owned by the scheduler user (usually root) with read permission for the filter group (Issue #283)
  • The HP-GL/2 filter did not support the SI command, some values for the AD and SD commands, and did not rotate labels properly via the DI command (Issue #282)
  • The fax support did not update/set the job-hold-until attribute when a fax job fails (Issue #269)
  • The cupsLangGet() function didn't support locales of the form "ll.charset" (Issue #271)
  • The scheduler did not use the charset when getting the language localization for a request; this caused extra disk IO for every request (Issue #271)
  • The scheduler did not support requests with more than one language specified (Issue #267)

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