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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.20:

  • The pstops filter didn't properly handle collated, duplexed copies of documents with an odd number of pages on printers that did not do their own collated copies (Issue #389)
  • Tru64 doesn't define a prototype for hstrerror() (Issue #430)
  • Updated the pdftops filter to use the annotation flags instead of the subtype to determine whether to print an annotation (Issue #425)
  • The French web interface localization did not use absolute paths for the navigation bar (Issue #428)
  • The CUPS test suite did not undefine the PRINTER and LPDEST environment variables. This could lead to bogus test results (Issue #380)
  • The cupsLangDefault() function now works if you don't have the base OS localization installed (Issue #418)
  • The pdftops filter no longer needs to create temporary files with tmpnam (Issue #406)
  • The HTTP code did not use a case-insensitive comparison when checking for the Basic authentication method (Issue #407)
  • The httpEncode() function always added a trailing "=" character, which is not required by the Base64 encoding specification (Issue #407)
  • The signal handlers did not need to call sigset(); this caused a recursion problem on some versions of IRIX (Issue #422)
  • Moved the scheduler termination code into the mainline to be consistent with the way other signals are handled (Issue #423)
  • The cupsaddsmb program didn't export the new CUPS driver for Windows properly (Issue #390)
  • The ppdOpen() functions did not issue an error when a translation string exceeded the maximum allowed by the Adobe PPD specification (Issue #399)
  • The default landscape orientation was not the same as that defined in the PPD file (Issue #397)
  • Updated the pstoraster patch files and CUPS driver to work with Ghostscript 8 (Issue #402)
  • The hpgltops filter did not skip PJL commands (Issue #379)

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