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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.2:

  • Makefile/configure fixes
  • RPM spec file and EPM list file fixes
  • The cupsTempFile() function now uses a different algorithm for generating temp files and "reserves" them to avoid possible security exploitation.
  • Now use /dev/random (if available) to seed the random number generator for certificates.
  • The /var/spool/cups and /var/spool/cups/tmp directories were incorrectly owned by root; they are now owned by the filter user, typically "lp".
  • The scheduler now resets the permissions on the spool and temp directories as needed to match the filter user.
  • Now expose ppdCollect() as an externally callable function.
  • The image filters now support filtering from the standard input.
  • The imagetoraster filter now collects all printer options and job patch files and applies them to the page header as needed.
  • Added format and banner options to LPD backend.
  • The send-document operation didn't start a job immediately when last-document was true.
  • The set-job-attributes operation didn't correctly replace the current job-hold-until value.
  • Removed the option wrapper code from ppdEmit() and friends since it caused problems with Ghostscript and many PS printers.
  • Was setting TZ environment variable twice for job filters.
  • Added syslog logging in cups-lpd to aide in debugging problems.
  • The HP-UX parallel port backend did not list the available parallel ports on some systems (printf calling problem...)
  • The lp and lpr commands overrode user options if -d/-P were specified after -o.
  • The scheduler would crash with a / filter.
  • Added support for a "default" filter for unknown file types. The example provided in the mime.types and mime.convs file prints unknown files as if "-oraw" was specified for the job. This functionality is disabled by default.
  • The "compatibility" mode fix for older backends did not work for smbspool. Added a workaround for it.
  • The HP-GL/2 filter didn't perform the right pen scaling with some files and the "fitplot" option.
  • New Software Performance Specification document that describes the memory, disk, and CPU usage of all the CUPS software.

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