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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.19rc5:

  • Jobs with banner pages that were printed to implicit classes would get double banner pages for each file/banner in the job (Issue #68)
  • The mime.convs file was missing the filter definition for Windows BMP (image/x-bitmap) files (Issue #85)
  • The scheduler allowed some READ-ONLY job attributes to be set, which could cause the scheduler to fail on the next restart (Issue #82)
  • The lp and lpr commands did not report when the scheduler was not responding; instead, the user would incorrectly see a "no default destination" error (Issue #70)
  • cupsLangGet() could fail on OSX due to a corrupt language preference (Issue #78)
  • Added more checks for HTTP request timeouts.
  • The scheduler dropped the first non-alpha character after an open brace when doing attribute substitutions in banner pages (Issue #77)
  • The scheduler child might send SIGUSR1 to the parent before the signal handler was installed; this didn't prevent the scheduler from starting but produced an annoying error message (Issue #45)

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