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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.19rc3:

  • The scheduler could get in an infinite loop cancelling jobs using "cancel -u user dest" (Issue #48)
  • The "cancel -u user" command did nothing (it should cancel all jobs on all printers owned by the named user - Issue #48)
  • The scheduler would write 0-length job control files (Issue #46)
  • Updated the French man pages (translation provided by Gilles QUERRET)
  • The scheduler would delete all printers from printers.conf if a job was active when a HUP signal was handled (Issue #47)
  • The cups-polld program would leak memory if it was unable to send browse packets to the loopback interface (Issue #40)
  • The scheduler did not put the job-originating-host-name attribute in the job attributes group.
  • The text filter did not default to wrapping text as defined by the IPP implementation document.
  • Scan backends first, PPDs second (Issue #37)
  • Updated the Netatalk documentation in the SAM (Issue #38 and #39)
  • The test suite sent text files to a non-PS print queue, which requires ESP Ghostscript (provided separately). Now send the JPEG test file (Issue #33)
  • The test suite did not show the estimated disk space requirements (Issue #33)
  • The test suite did not set the MaxLogSize directive to 0 to prevent log file rotation (Issue #33)
  • The test suite still setup the old CUPS Ghostscript symlinks (Issue #33)
  • The pstops filter did not report the correct number of copies for the page_log file when printing collated copies to a printer that doesn't support them in hardware (Issue #32)
  • cupsLangGet() needs to set the CTYPE locale to "C" (POSIX) to avoid erroneous tolower/toupper values (fix suggested by Bjoern Jacke)
  • Fixed a typo in the file.
  • Updated all of the Western European locales to default to ISO-8859-15 (for Euro support, suggested by Bjoern Jacke)
  • Updated the German message catalog (update provided by Bjoern Jacke)

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