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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.19rc2:

  • cupsLangGet() now sets the encoding field based on the trailing charset in the locale name, and doesn't look for a message catalog in a specific locale.charset directory. This fixes Issue #26 and is more in line with the CUPS 1.2 implementation.
  • The configure script now aborts if the "ar" command or compilers cannot be found.
  • The static cupsimage library was not built by default.
  • The path for the "ln" command was hardcoded in instead of being checked at configure time (Issue #28).
  • Banner pages containing unescaped { characters would not work.
  • The printer-state-time collection attribute was encoded as an enumeration instead of an integer.
  • The printer-is-accepting-jobs collection attribute was was not added to the collection value.
  • The printer-state-sequence-number collection attribute was not added to the collection value.
  • Fixed typo and const mismatch in IPP backend.
  • Updated the man pages for the new configuration directives.
  • Updated the SAM for MacOS 10.2, the CUPS drivers for windows, the available LPD backend options, and the new configuration directives.
  • The imagetops filter didn't position images properly on the page (Issue #18)
  • The configure script didn't add CPPFLAGS to the compiler options or LDFLAGS to the DSO options (Issue #13)
  • The scheduler would try to write a debug log message when starting a job that contained a NULL string. Since not all versions of snprintf() support NULL string pointers this caused some problems (Issue #20)
  • The testipp program now supports reading of IPP message files such as those used for the job history in /var/spool/cups.

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