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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.17:

  • The "manual_copies" option did not work when the LPD backend had to retry a print job.
  • The image filters did not convert GIF images properly.
  • The RunAsUser option was incompatible with the new daemon-mode code in 1.1.16.
  • Fixed a problem with the Set-Job-Attributes and PostScript job ticket code in the scheduler - the "last" attribute pointer was never updated, which could cause the scheduler to crash when applying job ticket data.
  • Fixed a problem in the scheduler that caused it to continue processing HTTP requests on a connection after it was shutdown.
  • The scheduler now allows accounts authenticated via PAM to not have a corresponding UNIX account, but group membership still requires the account name to be listed in the UNIX group file(s)...
  • The scheduler used a fixed-size (16k) buffer for encoding job options for filters; it now dynamically allocates and expands the buffer as needed depending on the options that are sent in a job.
  • The pdftops filter didn't support all of the MacOS characters for MacRoman encoded fonts.
  • The cupsEncodeOptions() and cupsParseOptions() functions now conform to the grammer defined by the current draft of the PAPI specification. The main difference is that option=yes and option=no are no longer treated as boolean options.
  • The IPP backend didn't honor the encryption settings in /etc/cups/client.conf.
  • Fixed a potential bug in the HTTP code which was caused by servers sending the status line and newline(s) in separate packets.
  • User-defined classification strings are now printed verbatim - previously the classification box would be empty.
  • Re-added Spanish to the list of PPD languages that CUPS supports.
  • CUPS API library user and temp file updates for Windows.
  • The image filters did not properly handle grayscale printing of Sun Raster images.
  • The scheduler never reset the NumJobs variable before loading the job list (previously this only happened on a full start, so the problem was never apparent...)
  • The HTTP and IPP read/write code didn't handle EINTR (interrupted system call) errors.
  • When under high load, the scheduler could abort due to the wrong errno value after a select() call. This was caused by the child signal handler.
  • Added new load tests to the test target to verify that cupsd can handle hundreds of simultaneous jobs without error.
  • The Solaris USB backend now supports the new device URI syntax.
  • The ppdOpen*() functions now reset the numeric locale settings while loading a PPD file.
  • Fixed the libtool build rules.
  • The manpage make rules didn't use $(MAKE) and $(MFLAGS) for the language subdirectories.
  • Now set the LC_TIME locale category to get the properly localized time string.
  • Fixed a problem in the scheduler that would cause the web interface problems when adding, modifying, or configuring a printer or class.
  • The backends now ignore SIGPIPE so that failed job filters will not stop a print queue.
  • The lpstat command did not allow for destination lists ("lpstat -v printer1,printer2")
  • Fixed parsing of long filter status messages in the scheduler.
  • Added some startup performance enhancements to the scheduler so that the printer object information is regenerated fewer times and the MIME type database is not filled with lots of empty filters for raw/direct queues.
  • The LPD backend now sends the job title as the print filename.
  • Added support for variable sizes in the EPSON dot matrix printer drivers. This allows for pages as short as 1/2" (1 row of labels) and does not do an automatic form feed.
  • French translation updates.
  • The filters did not quote the page label string when embedding it in PostScript output.
  • The serial backend now enumerates serial ports under MacOS X.
  • The pdftops filter contained font rasterizer code that wasn't being used and that depended on X11. This code has been removed.

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