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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.13:

  • The lpstat command did not report jobs submitted to regular printer classes.
  • The texttops filter didn't use sufficient precision when positioning text with some values of cpi and lpi. This could cause the alignment of text to stray.
  • cupsGetDests() didn't merge the options from the /etc/cups/lpoptions file with ~/.lpoptions - options in ~/.lpoptions overrode them completely.
  • Added support for KOI8-R and KOI8-U character sets, and added several Russian message catalogs.
  • The scheduler put the wrong timezone offset in the log files (e.g. +0500 instead of -0500 for EST...)
  • The scheduler did not ignore trailing whitespace in *.convs files.
  • The scheduler now forces all processes to exit (kill -9) when it is stopped. This prevents parallel and USB devices from running in the background after cupsd goes away.
  • The cupsParseOptions() function didn't skip trailing whitespace after quoted values.
  • More changes to support CUPS on OS/2.
  • Added Simplified Chinese message catalog.
  • Added PAM support for IRIX.
  • The cupsGetPPD() function didn't remove the @server portion of the printer name, and since it would connect immediately to the remote server instead of the local server, the printer would not be found.
  • Classification and page labels were not rotated to match the page orientation.
  • Now set the TCP "no delay" option on network connections to improve performance/response time.
  • Improved the IRIX printing tools support with patches from Andrea Suatoni.
  • Added a new PrintcapGUI directive to specify the GUI option panel program to use for the IRIX printing tools support.
  • The cupsGetDests() function did not check to see if a user-defined default printer (set via lpoptions) still existed.
  • The pstops filter no longer assumes that the default dictionary is writable when doing N-up processing.
  • The pstops filter now supports printing N-up with the page-set option.
  • The imagetoraster filter now supports direct printing of CMYK image data without conversion/correction.
  • The IPP backend now reports printer state/error conditions when possible (toner low, media empty, etc.)
  • The lpstat command now supports the (undocumented) IRIX -l option ("-lprintername") for a compact job listing for a printer.
  • The lpstat command now includes printer date/time information in the output (always Jan 01 00:00) to make third-party tools happy.
  • The text filter now supports non-integer cpi and lpi values.
  • The Margins field in the CUPS raster header was not initialized by the pstoraster filter.
  • Added --with-optim="flags" option to configure script.
  • Updated the Italian message translations.
  • Updated the cups.list file to install the correct files.
  • The pstoraster filter accessed the third element of a 2 element array.
  • The scheduler did not setup a status pipe for polling processes, so error messages went to whatever file descriptor 2 was pointing to when they were started.
  • The httpMD5Final() function didn't put a colon between the password and nonce strings.
  • The pstops filter did not default to Binary data for "%%BeginData:".
  • The pstops filter did not stop processing when a line containing a CTRL-D is seen.
  • The scheduler no longer replaces the JobSheets values from the printers.conf and classes.conf files with the classification level, if set. This way the original banner settings are preserved when classification levels are changed or turned off.
  • The serial backend didn't drain the output queue, nor did it restore the original settings.
  • Updated the default system group under MacOS X.
  • If no SystemGroup was defined in cupsd.conf, the system default group was not used.
  • The cups-lpd mini-daemon now supports LPD clients that send multiple control files.
  • httpConnectEncrypt() now always uses encryption for connections on port 443, since port 443 is reserved for the "https" scheme.
  • Group authentication via certificates did not work from the web interface for accounts other than "root".
  • The serial port backend did not clear the OPOST option, which could cause problems with some printers.
  • The cups-lpd mini-daemon didn't lookup the client IP address properly.
  • The parallel backend now identifies the polled and interrupt-driven devices under *BSD.
  • The scheduler allowed the "always" encryption mode inside a Location, which is not valid.
  • The CUPS startup script now checks for the timezone information under Linux.
  • Now also map the sides attribute to the JCLDuplex option (if present) in PPD files.
  • Updated pdftops to Xpdf 0.93a.
  • Added support for MD5 passwords under Slackware.
  • Added new AuthType BasicDigest that does Basic authentication using the MD5 password file managed by the lppasswd command.
  • The banner page attribute substitution code now retains {name} sequences in banner files when the named attribute is undefined. Use {?name} to conditionally substitute an IPP attribute.
  • The scheduler now ensures that the ServerRoot directory and configuration files are owned by and writable by the User and Group in cupsd.conf.
  • The USB backend now lists all USB printer devices regardless of whether a printer is connected or not. This allows new USB printers to be connected without restarting cupsd.
  • Added some more minor performance tweeks to the IPP protocol code to reduce copying and array indexing.
  • The cupsaddsmb utility now uses the -c option with smbclient and rpcclient to avoid the read length limit for commands on the standard input.
  • Added an include file to the CRD handling code in pstoraster so that it would compile properly on 64-bit pointer platforms...

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