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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1.1:

  • The pstoraster Makefile still referenced one of the old PDF filter files.
  • The filter Makefile used INSTALL_DATA instead of INSTALL_LIB to install the CUPS image library.
  • The administration CGI didn't work properly with network devices.
  • The BrowseACL variable was not updated after the cupsd.conf file was loaded.
  • The lpd mini-daemon didn't support printer instances.
  • Now use a default umask of 077 for child processes.
  • Now put temp files in /var/spool/cups/tmp for child processes and the root user, unless TMPDIR or TempDir is defined otherwise.
  • cupsGetPPD() no longer uses easy-to-guess filenames.
  • The CUPS-Delete-Class and CUPS-Delete-Printer operations now save classes.conf file as needed.
  • The lppasswd command wouldn't add a user.
  • The ppdOpen() function could cause a segfault if a 0-length PPD file was read.
  • The image filters were not handling images with different X and Y resolutions properly.
  • The imagetoraster filter defaulted to RGB output instead of black output like pstoraster.
  • The pstops filter didn't handle binary data properly.
  • The pstops filter didn't handle copies properly for PS files lacking DSC comments.
  • The pstops filter now appends %%EOF to the end of documents if they don't have it.
  • The cupsGetPPD() function didn't work with remote printers lacking the @server in the name.
  • The configure script didn't work right when only --prefix was specified.
  • The ppdEmit() code now wraps all printer commands so that buggy PostScript printers will still print a file after receiving an option that isn't available.
  • Fixed the DeskJet margin bug, and disabled 600dpi color mode until it can be fixed.
  • The cupsAddDest() function didn't sort instances correctly in all cases.
  • The time-at-xyz attributes now expand to the date and time in banner files.

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