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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.1:

  • Documentation updates.
  • Configuration script updates.
  • Didn't map charset and language value strings to lowercase and _ to - as required by SLP and IPP.
  • ppdLoadXYZ() didn't add the list of available fonts to the ppd_file_t structure.
  • The text filter common code was freeing the PPD file data before it was used.
  • The text filter now embeds missing fonts.
  • The CGI interface now maps local access to the server to the localhost address.
  • The HP-GL/2 filter didn't use the specified (or default) color ranges, resulting in strange colors.
  • The HP-GL/2 filter didn't default to no input window, which caused unnecessary clipping of plots.
  • Integrated Xpdf's pdftops filter into CUPS, which is a lightweight and reliable replacement for Ghostscript's PDF support.
  • Removed all PDF support from Ghostscript.
  • Updated HP driver to set top margin; this seems to fix the offset problem seen on HP DeskJet printers.
  • Fixed dependencies on the ZLIB and JPEG libraries in pstoraster.
  • The lpr command wasn't using the lpoptions defined by the user.
  • The lpr command would segfault if the CUPS server was not running.
  • The top-level makefile was not installing the CUPS initialization script. It now does so if it sees there is an init.d directory in /sbin, /etc/rc.d, or /etc.
  • "lpstat -v all" didn't work.
  • pstoraster would crash on some platforms doing the setpagedevice operator.
  • The web administration interface now allows you to set the default banner pages.
  • Images can now be positioned on the page using the new "position" option.
  • The AccessLog, ErrorLog, and PageLog directives now support "%s" to insert the server name.
  • Added a new BrowseShortNames directive to allow for short remote printer names ("printer" instead of "printer@server") when possible.
  • The scheduler could crash if given an invalid PPD file with no PageSize attributes.
  • Updated the serial, parallel, and usb backends to do multiple writes and ignore ioctl() errors as needed; this should fix problems with serial printing on old serial drivers and with the UltraSPARC parallel port driver under Solaris 2.7.
  • Now propagate LD_LIBRARY_PATH to child processes from cupsd.
  • New DataDir directive for installing in alternate locations.
  • New CUPS_SERVERROOT and CUPS_DATADIR environment variables to specify installation directories as needed.
  • Queued remote jobs recreate remote printers as needed when the scheduler is started.
  • Deleting a printer also purges all jobs on that printer.
  • Old job and control files that don't belong to a printer are automatically deleted.
  • Wasn't updating time-at-processing and time-at-completed attributes in job.
  • Didn't send required multiple-operation-time-out attribute in response to a get-printer-attributes request.
  • cups-lpd now supports options set with lpoptions.
  • The job-hold-until attribute is now provided with all jobs. For jobs that are not currently held the value is "no-hold".
  • The scheduler was not sending "unknown" values in IPP responses.
  • The lpoptions command now accumulates options from previous runs rather than replacing all options for a printer.
  • The IPP backend now switches to IPP/1.0 if a 1.1 request fails.
  • The lpadmin and admin.cgi programs now validate new printer and class names.
  • The access_log file now includes the number of IPP bytes received in a POST request.

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