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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.0.5:

  • The HP-GL/2 filter did not correctly set the pen color for pens other than #1.
  • The scheduler would only accept 26 simultaneous jobs under some OS releases (mkstemp() limitation.) It now handles up to 2^32 simultaneous jobs.
  • The PostScript filter loaded the printer's PPD file twice.
  • The PAM authentication code now uses pam_strerror() to provide a textual error message in the error_log file.
  • The scheduler now copies PPD and interface script files instead of moving them; this fixes installations with a separate requests directory.
  • The PostScript RIP did not generate correct 6-color output.
  • Several filters were marking PPD options twice when they didn't need to.
  • The scheduler did not save the printer or class state after an accept-jobs or reject-jobs operation.
  • The cupsGetDefault() function now ignores the PRINTER environment variable if it is set to "lp".
  • New ippErrorString() function to get textual error messages.
  • Better error reporting in the System V commands.
  • The lpadmin and lpstat commands always tried to connect to the default server.
  • The text filter didn't load the charset files from the correct location.
  • Wasn't sending a WWW-Authenticate: field to HTTP clients when authentication was required.
  • httpSeparate() didn't always set the default port number for known methods.
  • The HP-GL/2 filter now looks for "PSwidth,length" instead of (the correct) "PSlength,width" as documented by HP. It appears that many major CAD applications are broken and this change allows the auto-rotation to work with them.
  • The IPP "printer-resolution" option was not being translated.
  • The charset files did not include the Microsoft "standard" characters from 128 to 159 (unused by the ISO-8859-x charsets)
  • The scheduler was chunking the Content-Type field from CGI programs; this problem was most noticeable with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.
  • By popular demand, the printers, jobs, and classes CGIs no longer force a reload of the page every 10/30 seconds.
  • The scheduler incorrectly required that the IPP client provide a document-format attribute for the validate-job operation.
  • Clients that sent bad IPP requests without the required attributes-natural-language and attributes-charset attributes would crash the scheduler.

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