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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.0.3:

  • Documentation updates.
  • The lpq man page was missing.
  • The configure script was not properly detecting the image libraries.
  • The top-level makefile was calling "make" instead of "$(MAKE)".
  • PostScript filter fixes for number-up, OutputOrder, and %Trailer.
  • The imagetops filter didn't end the base-85 encoding properly if the image data was not a multiple of 4 bytes in length.
  • The imagetoraster filter didn't generate good banded RGB or CMY data (was dividing the line width by 4 instead of 3...)
  • The imagetoraster filter now records the bounding box of the image on the page.
  • The CUPS image library cache code wasn't working as designed; images larger than the maximum RIP cache would eventually thrash using the same cache tile.
  • The CUPS image library TIFF loading code didn't handle unknown resolution units properly; the fixed code uses a default resolution of 128 PPI.
  • cupsGetClasses() and cupsGetPrinters() did not free existing strings if they ran out of memory.
  • The scheduler logs incorrectly contained 3 digits for the timezone offset instead of 4.
  • The scheduler now does a lookup for the default user and group ID; the previous hardcoded values caused problems with the LPD backend.
  • The cancel-job operation now allows any user in the system group to cancel any job.
  • The cancel-job operation stopped the print queue if the job was being printed.
  • Now only stop printers if the backend fails. If the filter fails then the failure is noted in the error_log and printing continues with the next file in the queue.
  • Now log whether a filter fails because of a signal or because it returned a non-zero exit status.
  • The root user now always passes the system group test.
  • Printers with an interface script and remote printers and classes didn't have a printer-make-and-model attribute.
  • Added logging of lost/timed-out remote printers.
  • The HP-GL/2 filter was scaling the pen width twice.
  • Updated the HP-GL/2 filter to use a single SP (Set Pen) procedure. This makes the output smaller and is more appropriate since the filter keeps track of the pen states already.
  • The scheduler didn't handle passwords with spaces.
  • The IPP backend now does multiple copies and retries if the destination server requires it (e.g. HP JetDirect.)
  • The disable command didn't implement the "-c" option (cancel all jobs.)
  • Changed the CMYK generation function for the image file and PostScript RIPs.
  • The lp command didn't support the "-h" option as documented.
  • The AppSocket, IPP, and LPD backends now retry on all network errors. This should prevent stopped queues caused by a printer being disconnected from the network or powered off.
  • The scheduler now restarts a job if the corresponding printer is modified.
  • The image RIPs now rotate the image if needed to fit on the page.

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