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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.0.1:

  • Documentation updates.
  • Fixed a bunch of possible buffer-overflow conditions.
  • The scheduler now supports authentication using PAM.
  • Updated the Italian message file.
  • httpEncode64() didn't add an extra "=" if there was only one byte in the last three-byte group.
  • Now drop any trailing character set from the locale string (e.g. "en_US.ISO_8859-1" becomes "en_US")
  • Fixed "timezone" vs "tm_gmtoff" usage for BSD-based operating systems.
  • Updated IPP security so that "get" operations can be done from any resource name; this allows the CGIs to work with printer authentication enabled so long as authentication isn't turned on for the whole "site".
  • The IPP code didn't properly handle the "unsupported" group; this caused problems with the HP JetDirect since it doesn't seem to support the "copies" attribute.
  • The HTTP chunking code was missing a CR LF pair at the end of a 0-length chunk.
  • The httpSeparate() function didn't handle embedded usernames and passwords in the URI properly.
  • Doing "lpadmin -p printer -E" didn't restart printing if there were pending jobs.
  • The cancel-job operation now requires either a requesting-user-name attribute or an authenticated username.
  • The add-printer code did not report errors if the interface script or PPD file could not be renamed.
  • Request files are now created without world read permissions.
  • Added a cupsLastError() function to the CUPS API to retrieve the IPP error code from the last request.
  • Options are now case-insensitive.
  • The lpq command now provides 10 characters for the username instead of the original (Berkeley standard) 7.
  • The cancel command needed a local CUPS server to work (or the appropriate ServerName in cupsd.conf)
  • The cancel and lprm commands didn't report the IPP error if the job could not be cancelled.
  • The lp and lpr commands didn't intercept SIGTERM to remove temporary files when printing from stdin.
  • The lp and lpr commands didn't report the IPP error if the job could not be printed.

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