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2 days ago

Patch Changes

  • Fix assertion error in some overlapping fragment cases. In some cases, when fragments overlaps on some sub-selections (#2594)
    and some interface field implementation relied on sub-typing, an assertion error could be raised with a message of
    the form Cannot add selection of field X to selection set of parent type Y and this fixes this problem.

  • Adds debug.maxEvaluatedPlans query planning configuration options. This option limits the maximum number of query plan (#2593)
    that may have to be evaluated during a query planning phase, thus capping the maximum query planning runtime, but at the
    price of potentially reducing the optimality of the generated query plan (which may mean slower query executions). This
    option is exposed for debugging purposes, but it is recommended to rely on the default in production.

  • Fix possible fragment-related assertion error during query planning. This prevents a rare case where an assertion with a (#2596)
    message of the form Cannot add fragment of condition X (runtimes: ...) to parent type Y (runtimes: ...) could fail
    during query planning.

  • Updated dependencies [5cd17e69, e136ad87]:

    • @apollo/federation-internals@2.4.6
    • @apollo/query-graphs@2.4.6

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